Link Verify

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Checks links in HTML files. Checks almost any tag attributes known to contain references to other resources. Supports multithreading. Written in Java. Frontends for Console and AWT available, Swing in development.



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Kaffe is a clean room implementation of the Java virtual machine, plus the associated class libraries needed to provide a Java runtime environment.

Delicious-post-checker - Tool for verifying and deleting bookmarks in

Tool for verifying that all of your bookmarks in your accounts are still valid and gives you the option of removing those dead links

Hobbylinkchecker - a java based link checker

this is a specialized link checker built to parse a particular format of webpages. additionally, it will support a basic dfs link checking format that will parse the html and add all the links to a queue. it will then search/verify the links (http, https, or ftp), and return which links failed and which passed. The code uses an ftpClient class from org.apache.commons.ftp library, and other parts of the code were inspired by various online examples and tutorials for basic link checkers and web sp

Pylinkedin - Python LinkedIn API support

IntroductionPyLinkedIn is a simple interface to the LinkedIn OAuth system. Right now it supports fetching all of your "connections" (your contacts) and getting your status. Quick StartA great introduction to using pylinkedin (Thanks to Raymond Yee for providing this): Slightly Less Quick StartDownload Install python oauth from here

Php-simple-token - Set of PHP functions that administers authenticated tokens for use in verifying u

PHP SimpleToken is a very simple algorithmic PHP file that can generate and authenticate tokens generated from the server. These tokens can be used to: Authenticate AJAX Requests Authenticate Form Submissions Authenticate Password Reset Links And so much more... SEE DOCUMENTATION FOR IMPORTANT SETUP INSTRUCTIONS

Gallio-testlink-adapter - Adapter between the Test Frameworks and Testlink

The Testlink Adapter CollectionThese pages started as an adapter that connected Gallio to TestLink. It has grown now and we have: A C# library wrapping the TestLink Api A Gallio Adapter adapter that exports Gallio Results to TestLink A NUnit Adapter that exports NUnit Results to TestLink Adapter Does not Work?Check the version of MBUnit or NUnit respectively you are using. With MBUnit the project needs to be recompiled whenever a new version comes out. With NUnit that may be the same case (not y

Epapi - Erlang Port API

An Erlang Port API shared library for Linux DocumentationDoxygen documentation is available here. InstallationThis package can be installed through Launchpad. Using the libraryErlang is required The library depends on libei (comes with the default Erlang distribution) Verify other potential dependencies using pkg-config e.g. pkg-config --libs epapi Example using MsgHandler PktHandler *ph = new PktHandler(); MsgHandler *mh = new MsgHandler(ph); //Register a message type // {echo, {Counter}} mh->r

Linja - LinkedIn + Java + Jersey + OAuth4J

Java implementation of the LinkedIn API. Uses Jersey & OAuth4J How to use this API?AuthenticationStep 1: Create a consumer OAuth4JConsumer consumer = new OAuth4JConsumer(CONSUMER_KEY,CONSUMER_SECRET); Step 2: Create a service OAuth4JService auth4jService = new OAuth4JService(consumer,LinkedInSP.class,""); Step 3: Get the authentication URL auth4jService.getAuthenticationURL(); Step 4a: Open this URL to get the verification code Step 4b: pass the verification code to the service auth4

Reallocs-asylum - Plugins, snippets & code from realloc's asylum

Recent projectsMultisite Language SwitcherA simple but powerful plugin that will help you to manage the relations of posts, pages, categories and tags in your multisite-multilingual-installation. Multisite Language Switcher - Multisite Language Switcher - GitHub scGeSHiSimple code highlighting plugin for your remote source files scGeSHI - scGeSHi - GitHub myLCOA wordpress-plugin which provides backend-functionalities to maintain and verify the state of the backlinks o

Regionator - KML Region tools

This project includes a collection of Python classes and scripts which can be used to generate and verify Region-based KML. ScriptsHere are some useful scripts: - check HTML link targets in a CSV file - walk a RbNL hierarchy - check Region elements in an RbNL hiearchy - CSV point data in, RbNL out - get the doc.kml in KMZ file or URL - GTiff in, SuperOverlay out - create boxes for the Re