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A software package to view and store the logs produced by Linksys routers/firewalls. Logs are presented in a GUI which allows sorting the alerts and performing DNS and port lookups on the data. Alerts are stored in a standard SQL database.



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Openpajek - network analysis software

OpenPajekOpenPajek is a network analysis software that aims to be an open source replacement to proprietary software such as Pajek or UCINET. Its core is igraph, a robust and efficient C library for analyzing networks It can be used to help understand how micro behavior of the individual nodes yields to important changes in the global structure of the network. Installation notesTo run the program you need to download the zip file and uncompress it at any location. When finished uncompressing jus

Squidlook - SquidLook is a squid log analyzer. It is based on mysar sources.

Warning: squidLook is currently under developement. SVN code is not yet usable for production use.squidLook is a fork of Mysar (see the link at the right). The main modifications are: Optimized importer, at least 40% faster than the original Grouping of users to aggregate statistics Site white-listing to remove trusted websites from statistics in real time Preliminary i18n internationalizing support Yearly, monthly and weekly statistics for all pages Software requirements: Linux system (other sy

Database-adt - sqlite database ADT

Sqlite database ADTHistoriaPara una materia de la facultad con mi grupo elegimos usar SQLite. Preguntando por ahí, Juan Martín Sotuyo Dodero había hecho un ADT, así que lo tomé prestado y lo adapté para mi trabajo. Hace poco descubrí un link interesante con código de Marcus Grimm haciendo uso de SQLite con threads. Link Esto no es otra cosa que alguna que otra mejora al código de Juan y el agregado de funciones de Marcus Grimm. Los créditos son para ellos dos. :) ¿Cómo usar?Bajar sql

Svn-web - Subversion repository web front end

SVN::Web provides a web interface to subversion repositories. Features include: Viewing multiple Subversion repositories. SVN::Web is a full Subversion client, so you can access repositories on the local disk (with the file:/// scheme) or that are remotely accessible using the http:// and svn:// schemes. Browsing every revision of the repository. Viewing the contents of files in the repository at any revision. Viewing diffs of arbitrary revisions of any file. Diffs can be viewed as plain unified

Zanata - Web-based Translation Management System

Zanata is a web-based system for translators to translate documentation and software online using a web-browser. It is written in Java and uses modern web technologies like JBoss, Seam, GWT, Hibernate, and a REST API. It currently supports translation of DocBook/Publican documentation through PO files. Projects can be uploaded to and downloaded from a Zanata server using a Maven plugin or a Python client. For developers and writers: By using Zanata for your document translations, you can open up

Csv-cruncher - CsvCruncher - app for CSV manipulation through SQL (Java, HSQLDB)

I've crafted a tool which transforms a CSV file into another CSV file using a SQL statement (as I did not found such). Can be useful for various quick'n'dirty integration during test automation, esp. for data-oriented tasks like perf-tests. DOWNLOAD Many tools spit out CSV, or are able to as one of output options. Also, in hudson, you can very simply log any values you get into bash like echo " $val2, $val2" >> data.csv, for each build or part of a build. So it can be kind of integration tool. T

Mirandaupnptool - The SourceSec Security Research Group's Miranda UPNP Administration Tool.

SourceSec Security Research Group's Miranda UPNP Administration ToolMiranda is a Python-based Universal Plug-N-Play client application designed to discover, query and interact with UPNP devices, particularly Internet Gateway Devices (aka, routers). It can be used to audit UPNP-enabled devices on a network for possible vulnerabilities. Some of its features include: Interactive shell with tab completion and command history Passive and active discovery of UPNP devices Customizable MSEARCH queries (

Fx-auth - Fx_Auth,an authentication library for CodeIgniter2.0

Fx_Auth, an authentication library for PHP-framework CodeIgniter. It's based on DX Auth, althouth the code was seriously by: sunzhyng@hotmail.comsite: key points of the library are: It's simple Basic auth options (login, logout, register, unregister). Very compact (less than 20 files and 7 DB-tables). Username is optional, only email is obligatory. It's secure Using phpass library for passwo

Sgdo - Sistema de Gerenciamento de Documento Oficiais

A SECE(Secretaria Executiva) da DATAPREV necessita de um sistema que os auxilie no controle para documentações oficiais em tramite na casa. O sistema deverá contar com um cadastro de usuários que farão todo o processo de cadastro de acompanhamento da documentação, e deverá conter os seguintes atributos, nome, matricula e senha de acesso. Com relação aos documentos, possuem dois tipos de comunicação “Recebidos ou Expedidos� podendo estes ser de diversos tipos como, por exemplo: of

Loginsystem-rd - Login system to prevent XSS, SQL Injection and CSRF

�еобходимо�ть ру��кий переводчик 10-27-2009 Any bugs or vulnerabilities should be reported to If you have programmed any enhancements, please share those with the community. Make notice to Versions now include Dansk - Danish, Français - French, Έλληνες - Greek, Deutsch - German, हिन�दी - Hindi, Español - Spanish, Polski - Polish, Ро��ию - Russian, Svenska - Swedish, and of course