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Thoughts will end up being a task management application for the KDE desktop. It will evolve from it's current state as a plasma runner for the todo.txt format to a full fledged application.



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Hmts - Home Management Temperature System

HMTS, ideen går ud på at lave et system der automatisk styrer indeklimaet i eksempelvis en lejlighed. Dette gøres via målinger af luftfugtighed og temperatur. Smart Windows softwaren skal kunne styres af et mindre touchdisplay, eller eventuelt en PDA, hvor indstillingerne kan sættes som hvornår vinduet skal åbnes og hvor meget det skal åbnes. Devicet skal ligeledes kunne benyttes til at vise aktuelle systemer om vejret og RSS Feeds og skal være synkroniseret med NTP Time Servers. Målet

Unts - A large-scale emergence simulation for breve 2.7.2, based on simplified ant archetypes

unts was a term project for an Emergent Computing class taught by Dr. Christian Jacob in 2008. It was built using Python 2.3 and Breve 2.7.2. It is extensively documented and should be a suitable starting point for other students looking for project platforms or inspiration. unts is a relatively massive, highly flexible emergence framework and technical demonstration that simulates multiple ant-like colonies that search for food and water, reproduce, establish new hills, fight off menacing spide

Psychedelic-youtube-crawler - The wackiest YouTube videos, at the tip of your fingers

Have you ever had this lingering fear, that some day, you will not be able to find the next crazy video on YouTube? Worry not! The psychedelic YouTube crawler is a Python application that crawls through YouTube in search for wacky videos, and brings them back to you!

Uniquemodel - AppEngine Model that ensures uniqueness

OverviewUniqueModel is provides a mechanism for application developers to define a list of property tuples to be kept unique on the Google App Engine Datastore. See it in action (code) Noteworthy FeaturesSQL-like robust uniqueness enforcement Able to enforce uniqueness of multiple property tuples for a single kind Uniqueness is enforced even on concurrent put() operations Virtually no programming overhead for normal usage (see example below) Support and FeedbackIf you decide to give UniqueModel

Mod-authn-otp - Apache module for one-time password authentication

Overviewmod_authn_otp is an Apache web server module for two-factor authentication using one-time passwords (OTP) generated via the HOTP/OATH algorithm defined in RFC 4226. This creates a simple way to protect a web site with one-time passwords, using any RFC 4226-compliant token device, including software tokens that run on cell phones such as OATH Token. mod_authn_otp also supports the Mobile-OTP algorithm. mod_authn_otp supports both event and time based one-time passwords. It also supports "

Gestault - A component-based framework for architectural simulation

Gestault: A component-based framework for architectural simulationAuthor: Lewis Baumstark, Jr. GoalsGestault is a framework for teaching computer-architecture-related concepts such as: CPU's Memory and cache organization Buses It's goal is to provide a "drag and drop" editor for creating systems of architectural components such as those described above. In particular, it will allow students to: define system components (such as caches, ALU's, etc) define inputs and outputs (as named ports) for s

Wheelsofdarkness - Java 2D Platform Game

Kenny Ek, Anton Hiller, Robin Bako, Oscar Eliasson och Oscar Linger jobbar gemensamt för att skapa ett plattformspel. Vi har tänkt utgå ifrån kod andra redan skapat, jämföra vilka metoder som bäst lämpas för vårt ändamål samt komplettera med egen kod.

Docmashup - Documentation Mashup for IT Management Software Systems

Opportunity: IT Management Systems are changing dramatically. The advent of online and virtual software applications and new hardware capabilities allows for new opportunities to challenge conventional knowledge aggregation and publishing. During this time of transition, there are great opportunities to consolidate features and provide supporting resources—training, implementation instructions, and general documentation—as well as upgrade features for legacy management tools to synch with th

Squish - anti-anxiety drugs for Gadget Developers

SquishSquish helps you build, minify, and deploy Gadgets by creating "builds" from your gadget source, assets, JavaScript, and CSS. Benefits: Ease of Development: Rewrites paths to assets to create complete "releases". Removes the need to make manual tweaks to URLs when releasing gadgets. Treat the gadgets hosted in /svn/trunk as your "development" host. Keep your edit->save->commit->test cycle for development, and enjoy easy debugging with non-optimized JS and CSS. Performance: External CSS and

Troyworks - Actionscript 3.0 RIA Framework

IntroductionThere are roughly 5 branches/projects. controls < ui widgets apps < some heavier weight apps, like an asynchronous test framework, useful for working with network and statemachines. dev < - the main classes, collections, utilities and framework examples <- miscellaneous things, e.g. dining philosopers from Miro, the e8 particle simulator test <- unit tests HistoryThe codebase started as code I privately used frequently, then my team used frequently. I put it on google when I went fre