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Very fast cross-platform php script that describes the host server in extreme detail, giving information such as ram usage, disk space, raid arrays, hardware, network cards, kernel, os, samba/cups/truecrypt status, temps, disks, and much more.



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Laboule-nuitinfo2010 - Le projet de l'équipe La Boule pour la nuit de l'info 2010

Le projet de l'équipe La Boule pour la nuit de l'info 2010 à Sophia Antipolis. Site Internet sur le développement durable.

Asciipumper - An IRC ascii art editor.

Ascii Pumper by Lampiasis <> IRCPumpnet #chilled #penispump Efnet #pp4l Ascii Pumper colorizes ascii art with mIRC color codes. DOWNLOAD: Windows binaries, installer and source code: (Scroll down for another screenshot) LATEST VERSIONLatest release version: IMPORTANTThis program requires the .NET Framework 2.0 to run. You can get .net framework 2 on win

Tar-cs - C# Library to work with tar archives

NewsVersion 0.92 is out! Read/Write available. Bugfixes in 0.91. PreIf you ever had a need to send multiple files to a client using your C# code. If want your client to be able to extract those files with some kind of widely recognized application. If you did not want to make your code dependencies much much much bigger. If yes then you had the same requirement I do. ResultI came out with this small library. This library compatible with mono and .NET framework 2.0 and higher. You can use it to c

Jupitermaketiledexr - efficiently converts scanline OpenEXR to tiled OpenEXR

IntroductionMakeTiledExr (MTE) is a small command line utility that creates tiled OpenEXR images files from non-tiled (scanline) ones. It is similar to the exrmaketiled tool provided in OpenEXR distributions, but is able to process extremely large images with very little memory (20k by 20k is not a problem). Tiled OpenEXR files are often more efficient when used as textures during rendering, as the renderer can load individual tiles from disk and keep in memory, at any time, only a small number

linfo - Fork of linfo by Joseph Gillotti

Fork of linfo by Joseph Gillotti

piki - peter wiki like

peter wiki like


Nuit de l'Info 2011




Nuit de l'info 2010


Nuit de l'info 2011