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LineGame is a variant on the classic box game in which points are earned by creating boxes one segment at a time. In LineGame, segments may be drawn between almost any two points, and your score is proportional to the area you surround.



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Игрова� платформа дл� бы�трого по�троени� браузерных игр различных жанров (�тратегии, менеджеры, RPG). Предо�тавл�ет базовые компоненты дл� разработки игры. В разработке - Game Class Library, �и�тема о�новных кла��ов и функций дл� облегчени� �оздани� игр. Детальнее о проекте �мотри

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Achtung die Kurve ExtremeA remake of the classic game called 'Achtung die Kurve', also known as 'Zatacka' and 'The Line Game'. The difference with this version is that it intentionally written as flexible as possible and as modular as possible, because we wanted to integrate powerups. Yes, powerups! (hence the 'Extreme') JavaIt's written in Java because Java is the most accessible language I know and because we wanted to encourage people to write their own powerups. Perhaps we'll make a framewor


A game of somesort .. idk