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This is Source Code Line Count Tool with user-specified comment symbol. The tool can count code lines, empty lines, comment lines of well-known language and user-specified language.



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Line Counter

A tool for calculating the number of lines of code or text files, you can also develop your own counter plug-in to support other file types.

Line-counting - Count lines of code & comments in C/C++, produces basic metrics

This is an Awk script that I wrote to compute C code metrics. It looks at code and comments via regular expressions and computes Lines of code (non-blank) Number of comments (multiline and single-line accounted for) Raw lines of text Total code Total comments Comment percentage The last is the most interesting. I'm a comment-zealot so mine tend to run about 24%. It's old code, but works great and is really quite fast. Run it like so: awk -f lc.awk *.cI use a shell script called lc: #!/bin/sh# Sc

Svnplot - Generate graphs from Subversion log statistics

This project creates various types of statistics and graphs from subversion repository log data.Oscar Castaneda (SVNPlot Commiters) talks about his Summer of Code project on Google blog (Life after Google Summer of Code) IMPORTANT : Version 0.6.x users and 0.7.0 users, please upgrade to 0.7.4 and RECREATE the database. News/UpdatesNEW version 0.7.6 available (14 Nov 2011) Fixes Fixes a bug where rare case got an 'Inconsistent line ending style' Fixes a bug in svnplot where svnpl

cloc - Count Lines of Code

cloc (Count Lines Of Code) counts, and computes differences of, comment lines, blank lines, and physical lines of source code in many programming languages.

Ohcount - The Ohloh source code line counter

Ohcount is a library for counting lines of source code. It was originally developed at Ohloh. It supports multiple languages within a single file: for example, a complex HTML document might include regions of both CSS and JavaScript.


Count the number of non-comment lines of a Haskell program

linecounter - Counts lines of code in code files

Counts lines of code in code files

linecounter - Simple Ruby program for counting lines

Simple Ruby program for counting lines