LinEd (line-ed)

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LinEd is a line-based text editor written in Perl. It is not designed to write files, but to correct minor errors. When a normal text editor would load an entire file, LinEd will only show a few lines, making finding and rectifying the error a simple job



Related Projects

The Donkey Wrapper

The Donkey Wrapper is a curses-based wrapper to reformat and enhance the output of the ed2k command line client.


S-nail is a mail processing system with a command syntax reminiscent of ed(1) with lines replaced by messages. It is based on Heirloom mailx that is based upon Berkeley Mail 8.1, is intended to provide the functionality of the POSIX mailx(1) command and offers (mostly optional) extensions for IDNA, MIME, S/MIME, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. It is usable as a mail batch language.

Ericon-business - Seam-based web-application to optimize business-process of ED producing

Ericon is a small Russian company, specializing in producing of the electronic devices by contract. Their services include: preparation of the technology line, ED assembling, ED verification and packaging. The goal of the application is to automatize the order processing and increase the business performance. NB! The project documentation and interface are in Russian only.

Emule-local-client - eMule Local Client can help to download ed2k link on remote eMule web server

tiny eMule local client can help to download ed2k link on remote eMule web server, powered by PyGTK Screenshot FeatureAlways on top Replay historical download record Support eXtream eMule mod Standalone download history viewer can support import, clear and refresh fucntionalities Clipboard support Show status icon on the system trayer Show line number

Apt-add - An Easier and Lazier APT Tool

IntroductionIt is a Python script about APT system. With APT-ADD, it will be easier and lazier to handle your source lines and keys. And you can rebuild or recover your environment of packages quickly : ). EasierInstalling a software from a third-party source just in one command! Example: sudo apt-add 'deb jaunty main' 009ED615 shutter+ Of cource, if you want, you can also jostle more softwares ,sources lines or keys into one command. If APT warns that

xsh - an XML Editing Shell

XSH is a powerfull command-line XML editing tool/programming language in the manner of Unix shell interpreters and line-oriented text editors like ed which can be used either interactively or for batch-mode XML processing.

SMTP wrapper (bbsendmail)

Small SMTP wrapper designed to be used in chroot-ed environment as a sendmail command-line tool replacement. e.g. warpper can be used by php ( by function mail ) instead of using SMTP client written in php

Bmexcel - Excel web interface for Blue Martini applications

Update 6/3/2011: Project temporarily unavailable PurposeBM Excel is a web interface to import catalog data using complex spreadsheets (template, macro, column formatting, images) with dynamic comprehensive error messages (using JExcelApi library). The goal is to cover BM Import limitations for business users. Here are the main features: Provide a web Interface (new RemoteDesktop tab). Accept and manipulate Excel spreadsheets without transformation so it supports Excel template, macro, column for

Snipstrip - Tool to split comic strip images into individual rows or frames thus making it easier to

snipstrip.pyTool to split comic strip images into individual rows or frames thus making it easier to read comics on handheld devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and handheld multimedia players. For example: using this module, you can split command_line_fu.png from ... to ... API Usage:Initialization:>>> from snipstrip import ComicPage>>> p = ComicPage('some_comic.png')To snip off the rows within the comic page ...>>> rows = p.get_by_row() # returns all the rows from the comic>>> for row

Subsynct - A powerful yet easy to use sync tool

SubsyncImagine you have a laptop, a desktop in office and another computer at home. You wish to have the contents in all your computers synchronized and you figured that copy pasting is a chore. We now have a solution to your problem. All these hard work is gone with Subsync! Using the powerful Subversion backend, we have harnessed a tool used by programmers for syncing code files, and further tamed the beast to be usable by end-users like you and me without any prior knowledge of its technicali

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