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linda is an simple library implementation of Linda parallel programming system ( To write a parallel program with linda, you have to know only 6 functions: spawn, out, in, inp, rd and rdp with linda.



Related Projects

Pylinda - A Python-based implementation of the Linda distributed computing platform

PyLinda is a simple implementation of a linda system, however it also includes several of the more recently proposed extensions to Linda in the form of multiple tuple spaces, garbage collection, sane non-blocking primitives and bulk tuple operations.

Linda-dds - The Linda Coordination for DDS

Linda is a very simple yet powerful coordination model for building parallel and distributed applications. LindaDDS provides an implementation of the Linda primitives, e.g, in, rd, out, eval built on top of the OMG Data Distribution Service. This combination is very powerful as it gives DDS users the power of Linda primitives so to make it simpler to write the coordination of DDS-based distributed applications. At the same time it provides Linda users with the power and performances of DDS.

CppLINDA : C++ LINDA implementation

CppLINDA is a C++ LINDA implementation of the LINDA coordination language for Linux Operating Systems. This Library consists of a client and server implementation and , moreover, some new operations.

Minispace - A minimalist coordination mechanism

miniSpace is a java[tm] based general-purpose coordination mechanism inspired after the Linda Coordination Language and JavaSpaces.It has been used in production-grade systems for a long time as part of the jPOS project. We find it very useful and we believe it can be useful in many non-jPOS applications too, so we have removed all jPOS dependencies and we are happy to release it under his own name <b>miniSpace</b>.


A non-distributed Java implementation of a Linda-like TupleSpace.

Javanow - JavaNow: A Linda based parallel framework

JavaNowIntroductionJavaNow is a framework to develop parallel and high performance applications using Linda based tuple space model, which runs on network of workstations. It is a rewrite of original system I wrote back in '97-99. Though, for client APIs the system behave same as original JavaNow and Linda, i.e., it provides simple APIs like get - removes a matching tuple and blocks if it does not exist. getIfExists - removes a matching tuple in non-blocking fashion. read - returns a copy of mat

Tuplespacefederato - A federation of Linda tuple space model

A Linda model implementation allowing federation of node.

Uxpalinda - trala la


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