linc is not cyberoam

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linc is a free multiplatform client for Cyberoam and 24online. Cyberoam is an employee internet management system for corporate networks. 24online is a subscriber access, authentication and accounting system for broadband ISPs.



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Artificial vision library. Objectives are to make an OCR, fingerprint and face identification as some applications through a general purpose learning and pattern relationships algorithm (Currently performs very basic identification).

LINC-Switch - OpenFlow Software Switch written in Erlang

OpenFlow Software Switch written in Erlang

Linux X10 universal device driver

X10 device drivers for Linux creating a /dev device for each X10 unit in the house. This allows command line, script, and program access to the X10 network.This driver currently supports the PowerLinc Serial, PowerLinc USB, and CM11A.

Proyectolince - Xlince: proyecto para desarrolo de prespuestos de obra

Proyecto para el desarrollo de un programa de realizacion de presupuestos de obra. X-Lince, desarrollado en Gambas2, para plataforma GNU-LINUX

Tableviewstablademediciones - Ejemplo de Tableviews en gambas2, calculo de tabla de mediciones

Ejemplo del uso de un tableviews en gambas2. Se trata de el calculo de una tabla de mediciones, con la capacidad de exportacion mediante de los datos introducidos al portapapeles

No-pain-no-game - A mobile approach to childhood obesity prevention

OverviewNo Pain No Game is an Android app that encourages children to become active through reward based incentives. The more active the user is, the more screen time they accumulate. They can enable an outlet in the house by communicating with an application specific web server written in Python that controls home automation hardware. The user's activity is tracked by using the phone's accelerometers as a pedometer. Reading information pertaining to exercise and nutrition that is dynamically su

Context-macosx - Context & Notification Tools for MacOS X

End-user applications that take advantage of users' current context and respond appropriately have traditionally been the exclusive domain of HCI researchers working in university or research labs. An extensive and robust literature describes architectures and techniques for making daily computing calmer and more humane, but these findings and tools thus far have not made the jump from the research lab to daily use. The purpose of this project is to adapt and implement the results of this resear

slide-linc - Slideshow test for linc

Slideshow test for linc

Mashpodder - podcatching client based on BashPodder

Starting in 2005, I have maintained a 'user-contributed' version of BashPodder, the great podcatcher originally written by Linc Fessenden. My mashup has become pretty popular, and I have maintained five separate releases since that time. I ended up rewriting much of my original mashup and so when version 0.6 was ready, I decided to rename my version 'mashpodder' (as it is a mashup of BashPodder and other stuff) and put it here on Google Code. Mashpodder allows the user to download podcast episod