Linapple: Apple2 emulator for Linux

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Linapple is an emulator of Apple2 (Apple][, Apple 2, Apple2e) series computers for Linux or other systems with SDL support, which works out of the box. It derives from AppleWin, and almost as powerful as AppleWin is.



Related Projects

Candy-apple-core - c++ apple //e emulation engine suitable for java based emulators on Android

Provides a c++ library for jni calls from java based Apple //e emulators. Based on AppleWin with code from LinApple and AppleIIGo, provides all the functionality for video, audio, diskette, joystick and keyboard. Java code using this engine need only provide the user interface. This is very suitable for Android based emulators using the NDK and is in fact used by cAndy Apple, an Apple //e emulator available on the Android market.

linapple - Apple 2e emulator

Apple 2e emulator