Internet Messaging Programs

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LIMP and WIMP are part of the Internet Messaging Project. The project aims to produce stable, small messaging servers and clients suitable for use on the internet.



Related Projects

Lighty2go - Lighty2Go is a, portable LightTPD, MySQL & PHP (LiMP) stack on a stick for Windows.

Lighty2Go uses bits of code and parts from several projects to bring you a portable LightTPD, MySQL, PHP app for Windows. You may not see a reason for LiMP on a stick, or be wondering why I did this. I guess it's because I happen to really like portable apps and this was kind of a proof of concept type thing.

LIMP - Lightweight IMage-browser for PHP

Lightweight Image Browser / Gallery for PHP. Requires no database or complex setup. Simply upload amp; go. Supports albums, captions, effortless image setup, and themes. Uses object oriented PHP design with css stylization and Ajax performance.

React3d - Robust Extensible Animation Control Toolkit

I am proposing an open-source library for producing real-time dynamic 2d and 3d character animations on-the-fly via physical simulation and driven by customizable high-level controllers, for use in games and other interactive simulations. This would be designed to complement already existing physics engines (such as ODE or Bullet) and skeletal character animation libraries (such as CAL3D or those found in open-source game engines OGRE or Irrlicht). The library is to be called Robust Extensible A

L4dlec - Left 4 Dead: Extreme Competitive Config

This is a Left 4 Dead Improved Competitive Config For Versus Competition. (LEC), But on an Extreme Level. LEC is with very much less items, and changed survivors cvars, changed tank abilities, fixed item spawns and changes on an extreme level, specifically designed for pure professional survival skill, for those who want extreme level of skill and survival. CHANGED CVARS AND MODIFICATIONS Added Commons/Zombies Mobs and panic horde balancer for both teams/Rounds Mobs and common limits changed Meg

EditingBay - The cocoa front-end for LIMP

The cocoa front-end for LIMP

limp - Loganalyzer IMProved

Loganalyzer IMProved

Limp - Lisp IDE

Lisp IDE

limp - The Common Lisp Vim IDE

The Common Lisp Vim IDE


Mobile version of the popular Limp Bizkit fansite, The Armpit. Data source is the regular site's atom feed. Built using a custom MVC framework and jQuery mobile.

jquery.limp.js - jQuery Plugin for delay elements to scroll

jQuery Plugin for delay elements to scroll