LIMBS Is My Brokerage System

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LIMBS (Limbs is my brokerage system) aims at providing an open source brokerage system to manage the exchanges of digital resources between systems such as learning (content) management systems and digital libraries.



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phantom-limb - Simulate touch events in desktop browsers

Simulate touch events in desktop browsers

Minor Is Not an Object Repository

Minor Is Not an Object Repository (MINOR) is an open source learning resources repository that allows users to manage learning resources and their metadata. Minor comes with a built-in connector to the LIMBS brokerage system.

Lib-taskman - simple PHP library for project automation tasks

taskman is a simple PHP library for writing automation tasks in a similar with Ant and rake fashion. It's probably not that elegant as rake but if you want to stick to PHP and have Ant-alike functionality without any XML programming then taskman may turn out to be handy. taskman is very simple to use, it requires only one include, all its code resides in one PHP file, and it has no external dependencies. You can read the complete library documentation on the TaskmanUsage page. You can also read

Namazvakitleri - Namaz Vakitlerinin hesaplanmasi icin acik kaynak kodlu proje

The Determination of Salat Times[ 1. Introduction | 2. Definitions of Prayer Times | 3. What is twilight? | 4. Twilight and calculation of Fajr and Isha | 5. Conventions currently in use | 6. Persisting twilight | 7. Calculation of salat times - technical notes | 8. Software | 9. Summary | 10. References ] 1. IntroductionThe five Islamic prayers are named Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. The timing of these five prayers varies from place to place and from day to day. It is obligatory for Musli

Limbes - LIMBES Is `May be' a Boltzmann Equation Solver

LIMBES is the recursive acronym for LIMBES Is May be a Boltzmann Equation Solver. Version 1.0 solves numerically by a Lattice Boltzmann like method the BGK-Boltzmann equation for gas in two dimensions. The attribute May be refers to the fact that this is not the full collision term derived by Boltzmann but the BGK model conventionally used in kinetic theory is considered here. The number of discrete velocities can be chosen between 9 and 400. LIMBES can be considered as a parallel code (openmp)

Limb3 - PHP Library of Interdependent Modules and Blocks

Update: Looks like Limb3 was forked and now is being actively developed at github - Check it out for the latest changes and releases. Limb3 is an OpenSource(LGPL) L ibrary of I nterdependent M odules and B locks mostly aimed for rapid web application prototyping and development with PHP5. Limb3 consists of many reusable components and you can cherry pick the ones you need and combine them with other frameworks and libraries(e.g. ZendFramework, Symfony,

Vsl - Visual Surveillance Laboratory

GeneralThis is a testing environment used for creating visual surveillance applications. The main idea that stand behind it is to supply the users various surveillance algorithms which they mix together to create different behaviors. The environment supports plug-in behavior which allows to develop such algorithms in a consistent manner. The application implements a GUI interface based on Windows forms 2.0 and is written entirely using C#. Motivation1. Anomaly detection - This is the first motiv

Survival-horror-by-wunce - An addon for Gmod

This addon includes 3 minor addons: - Shoulder_View - Limb_Health - Survival Horror Artificial Intelligence Director Further description on my facepunch page.

Bodytracker - Tracks your body motions and recognize gestures performed.

This software connects to Bluetooth-enabled Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) attached to different limbs of the human body. It displays a stick-model and moves it according to the data received over Bluetooth. Different body junctions such as the wrist can be tracked and the gestures performed by those points can be recognized using the Android Gesture recognition. A suitable IMU is the Razor IMU available at Sparkfun, which can connect over the Bluetooth Mate. It should be loaded with the SF9D

Sleepylabs - A clean shutdown application for XenServer

OverviewA C# windows application for connecting to your XenServer pool and cleanly shutting it down for the night. FeaturesEnables you to mark which VMs you would like to attempt to auto restart at the next server power on Attempts sequential clean shutdown of all running VMs Forces shutdown of non co-operative VMs Shuts down each slave XenServer in the pool before shutting down the master DescriptionSleepyLabs started as a 24 hour coding sprint in the Cameroon based company Limbe Labs Solutions