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LilyTerm is a light and easy to use libvte based X Terminal Emulator



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Svte - simple virtual terminal emulator: A minimal, tabbed, VTE-based terminal

svte is a terminal that is flexible and has a small codebase. Its aim is to be lightweight and fast, while providing nice integration with a modern Linux environment. svte is yet another minimal GTK incarnation of VTE. svte is an alternative to Sakura, Lilyterm, etc. Goals of svteKeep a small footprint, small codebase, and minimal implementation Support the entire VTE interface Support color schemes Load configuration information from an rc file Why use svtesvte has goals of adding more features

lilyterm - LilyTerm - a terminal emulator

LilyTerm - a terminal emulator

LilyTerm - LilyTerm unofficial mirror

LilyTerm unofficial mirror

lilyterm - lilyterm project and use autotools to generate Makefile

lilyterm project and use autotools to generate Makefile

Archpkg-ft - some pkgbuild for archlinux by footearth

How to编辑 /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist 增加下�两行 [archpkg-ft]Server = mirrorlist mirrorlist-ft rankmirrors-ft 2. Google 相关 gappproxy-svn: A http proxy based on Google App Engine. google-appengine: Google App Engine SDK for Python. google-appengine-java: Google App Engine SDK for Java. googlecode-upload: Script for uploading files to Google Code project. 3. 花生壳 peanuthull: A free DDNS (Dynamic DNS) client software. todo

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