Lilo (universidad de Alcala )

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We are a spanish local group (LInuxeros LOcos) from the University of Alcala de Henares, Madrid and we are interested in helping FSF community making translations into spanish, writting free software, promoting FSF issues and devoloping new projets.



Related Projects

gujin boot/system loader

This software boots your PC and analyse your filesystems. It displays a graphical menu for you to select which system to boot. Intended to replace LILO and Loadlin, written in C with GCC, fully real mode.

Bootka - Simple Boot Loader/Manager built for learning.

Boot manager able to load different operating systems form different drives. Similar to Grub and to Lilo. Written as an academic project at Computer Architecture course.


A utility that allows you to use settings from the boot commandline or from /etc/lilo.conf using append=quot;...quot; in batch scripts. Useful for bootscripts that need to deal with different kernels (2.2, 2.4) for instance

Autokernel - Automatically gets a kernel configured and installed per the user's specs

Uses existing sources in /usr/src if available Gets new sources if needed Asks user about hardware needs Parses .config defaults for each hardware type Generates a new .config Compiles kernel Installs kernel and Modules if necessary Configures lilo or grub to use new kernel Two modes: distro-agnostic or distro-dependent

Saas-exam - Lilo quiz

L'ile au Quiz

Google-summer-of-code-2007-etherboot - Code samples from students working with Etherboot Project for

The Etherboot Project creates Open Source software that enables computers to boot over a network. This is useful in a variety of applications such as schools, banks, clusters, kiosks, and other situations which benefit from centralized administration and maintainance of software. Etherboot code may be flashed into BIOS or ROM chips, put on floppies, CDs, or other boot media or run by SYSLINUX, LILO, GRUB or other loaders expecting a kernel.

Edituenv - uBoot boot-loader menu editor

If you want to modify the menu of your uBoot boot loader (editing a text file as you are used with GRUB or LILO) and you run a fso-based distro, this is for you! On Debian based distros, like Hackable:1, Debian or QtMoko, you will need to install (if not present) fso-utils and mtd-utils. Vim is strongly suggested! A new GUI needs you! usage (uboot-envedit, flash_eraseall and nandwrite are required): # ./,, and ar

Beelazy - A simple utility to rename video files

ABOUT beelazy is a project that was built because I was tired of all the manual renaming of video files downloaded from the internet. This tool at the moment does not use remote metadata e.g.,, or local nfo or mymovies.xml files. FEATURES Fixes case on extensions "Star Trek.AVI" to "Star Trek.avi" If file name is all lowercase it will TitleCase the name "indiana jones and the last crusade" to "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" Converts dates into one format

Minibackup-linux - A mini linux system ,which contian partimage/partclone ,used to backup/restore th

minibackup-linux: A mini linux system (it's size is less than 10M),used to save or restore partition ,with a TUI, base on partclone/partimage. And contians fsarchiver/mc.The partclone-gzip and partclone-lzo compress mode support multi-core CPU. This system only include two files: the kernel ,and the compressed rootfs. File System : partclone:fat(12/16/32),ext(2/3/4),ntfs,xfs,hfs,hfsplus partimage:fat(16/32),ext(2/3),ntfs,xfs,hfs,jfs,ufs,hpfs fsarchiver:In theorety, support all filesystem that sy