Light Speed!

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Light Speed! is an OpenGL-based program which interactively illustrates the effects of special relativity on the appearance of moving objects. When an object accelerates beyond (roughly) two hundred million meters per second, these strange effects become



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Scientific software for the physically accurate photorealistic visualisation of relativistic (near light-speed) scenarios.

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3D Spaceship racing Arcade developed in C#. Beta 1 now availableBeta I now available for download Requirements Hardware 3D card supporting Shader Model 3 2GHz or better CPU 1GB RAM Recommended (mandatory for more than one player) : Xbox 360 controller pad Software Windows XP SP2 .NET Framework 2.0 or better DirectX 9.0c (June 2008 update) Update (roughly 5 mbytes, needs Windows Validation) Full (75Mbytes, does not need Windows Validation) OpenAL Drivers probably needed (couldn't test properly) D