Lighter: Text to Braille

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Lighter is an extensible and flexible Thai/English and further language translation to Braille format.



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Etherpad - Web-based real time collaborative editor

Etherpad lite is a really-real time collaborative editor spawned from the Hell fire of Etherpad. We're reusing the well tested Etherpad easysync library to make it really realtime. Etherpad Lite is based on node.js ergo is much lighter and more stable than the original Etherpad. Our hope is that this will encourage more users to use and install a realtime collaborative editor.


jRails is a drop-in jQuery replacement for Prototype/ on Rails. Using jRails, you can get all of the same default Rails helpers for javascript functionality using the lighter jQuery library.


Ario is a GTK2 client for MPD (Music player daemon). The interface used to browse the library is inspired by Rhythmbox but Ario aims to be much lighter and faster.

Teaframework - Service Oriented JavaEE Application Framework

Tea Framework is a robust infrastructure for developing agile JavaEE applications. It aim to make JavaEE application more simpler, lighter and faster.

Flash-lighter - Now you can easily "Blaze" your pure Flash clients.

Lighter is a simple base you can use to integrate your Flashâ„¢ client with BlazeDS package{\timport com.googlecode.flash_lighter.RemotingCtrl;\timport com.googlecode.flash_lighter.RemotingConnection;\tpublic class TestCtrl extends RemotingCtrl\t{\t\t\t\tpublic function TestCtrl()\t\t{\t\t\tsuper(\t\t\t\t'destinationId',\t\t\t\tnew RemotingConnection('http://localhost:8084/ServiceName/messagebroker/amf')\t\t\t);\t\t}\t\t\t\tpublic function doTest(fakeArg1:String,fakeArg2:Array, sucess:Function,

J2exec - Executing external processes from Java

A library to easily and safely execute external processes from Java. This projects learns from the experience gathered by the Apache commons-exec v1.1 and aim to provide a more modern design and lighter wieght implementation to reduce the invocation overhead to the minimum.

Vcp - Victor's project

This is a set of projects: SourceCode HighLighter for bPressA plugin developed for bbPress that highlight source code in a message Read more... VCP is a wordpress themA WordPress Theme

CallBack WebControls

The Callback is among the novelties of the ASP. Net 2.0. shows the power of callback combined with javascript methods can make the application more lighter. update a specific control in the page and not the entire page without using AJAX

Livevalidationforasp - An ASP.NET library built to use clientside validations lib

Microsoft's Ajax Libraries for the .Net Framework are a "bit" heavyweight. There is a movement to use "lighter" non-microsoft frameworks such as prototype in ASP.NET (especially with the coming MVC Framework). There is a lightweight client side validation framework called LiveValidation. This project is created to develop a control library to support the LiveValidation javascript library.

Gedit-tabs-saver - Automatically saves open tabs when exiting Gedit and reopens them when Gedit is o

Tabs SaverThis is a Gedit plugin. When you open Gedit, it will reopen the documents you had opened on your last exit. At the moment, there are two great plugins listed on the Gedit plugins page that do this, however, there were a few issues with them (at least on my end); One of them would not open Gedit in its original size. In fact, the dimensions were very small...probably 200 x 200 pixels. The other one is 55kb. Which is OK. But I wanted something simpler and lighter on Gedit.