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A cross-platform Python Bluetooth API for Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Python For Series 60. Provides simple device and service discovery, RFCOMM sockets, L2CAP client sockets, OBEX file transfer, service advertising, and access to local device information.



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Gpspy - Localize your bluetooth GPS on Google Maps

A python application that connects to your bluetooth GPS device and retrieves your geographic coordinates, and lets you track your position on a local html page (no webserver needed) via Google Maps API. Features: cross-platform (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, others) - it uses the opensource lightblue bluetooth stack written in Python + html/ajax How to use it: (run the python script - it needs Pyhton and lightblue installed) ./ (in the meantime open gps.html on a web-browser application and s

Nokia-gsm-location-hacks - A set of simple Python hacks to record GSM location information reported

A collection of hacks written in Python to make Nokia phones running Symbian 60 record (and report) the GSM cell information and their geographical equivalent. This software is based on Py60 Python LightBlue Google Gears The data (such as MCC, MNC, LAC and Cell ID) are collected by the phone using Py60, then moved to a internet connected computer via LightBlue and finally geographically mapped using GeolocationAPI. The code is quite unpolished and the deployment/usage requires several manual ste

Nxt-twitter - Simple way to control NXT robots through Twitter

NXT-Twitter is just another mashup with the popular social tool Twitter. Messages are passed to the NXT brick via bluetooth and you can use it to control the sensors and motors of the robot. RequirementsNXT_Python Lightblue NXT Lightblue Glue \t UsageBuild your bot, the example uses the default bot found in the (short) manual that cames with NXT Create a Twitter account for your bot Pair the NXT with the bluetooth adapter on computer UPLOAD the file example/nxt_twitter.rbt to your NXT brick and

Pyblueshell - (alternative) Remote Python Shell over Bluetooth from PC to S60-Devices

Every S60-Devices, that has Python and the PythonScriptingShell enabled, provides a "Bluetooth console", which allows you to get a interactive Python-shell for the phone on a remote host, which is a PyC-hardcoded feature and wasn't working nor flexible enough for me. So here is a lightweight alternative for this: 2 scripts (and a symbian-s60-compiled program), one for the phone and one for the pc. The phone-script acts as a daemon, advertising the "PyBlueShell"-Service with flexible authorisatio

Gwt-gchartjava - Google chart widget with google web toolkit

gwt-gchartjava is a GWT Java Chart LibraryDescriptionSimple portage of gchartjava project from java 5.0 ( or higher ) to gwt 1.4 java code compliant. DocumentationJavadoc is available online here and can be downloaded here. ExamplesFirst example used with ChartWidget: import;import;/** * Entry point classes define <code>onModuleLoad()</code>. */public class gwtgchartjava implements EntryPoint { /** * This is the entry


wscf.lightblue makes it easier for developers to generate code from WSDL and XSD files. Its a Visual Studio Add-In that wraps SvcUtil.exe. The project does the same thing, but it doesn't supports reusing types from referenced assemblies. Developed in C#, VS 2010.

Conduitphone - Conduit Bluetooth Phone Module

Module for Conduit to synchronize addressbook via IrMC. Depends onPyBluez 0.16 LightBlue 0.3.2 vObject 0.8.1c

Scriptmd5cracker - md5cracer.php

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Sporttracks-activitypicture - SportTracks plugin to handle pictures and videos for activities

Description of the plugin The plugin is made for accessing pictures that have been taken during an activity in a comfort way. Currently the plugin contains the following functions: Automatic import of pictures into an activity based on the EXIF data. Automatic Geotagging based on the GPS track of an activity. Three different views are implemented (Album view, List view, Import view) Showing thumbnails on the sporttracks maps (Only the ST3 version; Thanks to Gerhard) Album view In the album view

Hgfjhg - hjj

var UpdateInterval = 30000 //Global scope; default value; user changeable var FormFields = new Object //Object is populated with all the hidden form field values, which is then included in the AJAX post to make QuickBuy more transparent to the FFS server. var QuestionMarkImage = "" // Used as owner image when pet is an orphan. var MyFaceBookID, MyPhoto, buyer_id var pet_id, pet_name, pet_photo, pet_cost var owner_name, owner_id, owner_fbid, owner_photo // Referring to the most current owner othe