Light HTML to XML converter

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Light HTML to XML Converter only for parsing purposes. Single-pass automat with no special requirements, easy to translate to any 3rd generation programming language (PHP, C#, Java,...)



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Lighttexteditor - Light Text Editor in Clojure (LTEC)

Light Reports Text Editor (GUI tool built with Clojure Lisp)(Updated on 5/15/2010) There aren't many open, easy to use tools for generating PDF, Image, or SVG report documents that use a black box approach. The Light Reports GUI tool combines a set of simple tools for converting XML or HTML documents into PDF or Image documents. keywords: clojure, xhtmlrenderer, java, xmltopdf, xhtmltopdf, iText Resources:

Light HTML to XML converter Umbraco xslt wrapper

An xslt extension for use in Umbraco that wraps the functionality found in Light HTML to XML converter by Alain COUTHURES: The extension can help to reformat bad html into xml for getting external content i.e. screen scraping.

Icecron - Habbo Hotel Content Management System

2.x.x ICECRONGeneral Information ICECRON is a Habbo Hotel Content Management System created to be light-weight and simple, allowing Habbo Hotel private servers to manage their websites content with ease. The overall purpose of ICECRON is to allow users with little knowledge of website programming languages to be able to manage their own website with ease, additionally to allow contributors and developers to create their own customizations (hacks) without ever needing to modify the original sourc

Vlbff-php-mvc - Very Light But Fully Functional PHP MVC -- may even become your best friend, forever

Per its name VLBFF PHP MVC is a very light but fully functional PHP MVC framework. Within its tiny footprint, it provides REST-based web service functionality for all of its URLs, serving up XML, JSON and serialized PHP at the wave of a URL flag (e.g., /xml, /json, /serial). It likewise, of course, provides for HTML rendering via the Smarty templating engine--though other engines could easily be swapped in and the native XML rendering could be used to pass data to XSLT. On the backend, VLBFF is

Myde - My Development Environment (Myde) :: Light Weight IDE

My Development Environment :: Myde A light-weight IDE with the purpose of providing just the required features. Its a vast improvement over using a simple text editor, without the bulk that comes with large IDEs. Features: Provides full command-line control over compiling, running and building/packaging - while being able to call your commands via the GUI. Syntax highlighting is currently supported for Java. Other languages are planned to be added: C/C++ HTML Python XML etc... Each document is d

Jssaxparser - A SAX 2 parser written in Javascript

Javascript SAX 2 ParserA light weight JavaScript SAX 2 parser which reads an XML text and triggers standardized SAX 2 events. IntroductionThat parser is able to read XML and its associated DTD. It will throw the events of : contentHandler errorHandler dtdHandler entityResolver declarationHandler lexicalHandler conforming to specification at . How to use itImport library<script type="text/javascript" src="../jssaxparser/sax.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" sr

Gchecky - Python wrapper library for Google Checkout Level 2 Integration XML API.

gcheckyGchecky is a library written in python for using Google Checkout Level 2 Integration XML API. It makes it easy to integrate your order processing system with Google Checkout and ensure that all the interactions with checkout servers are automatically validated, converted from python values to XML (and back) and checked for errors - all that is done by gchecky underneath. With gchecky an order creation is as easy as writing: gchecky.model import *cart = controller.prepare_order( order = ch

Vivvo-template-engine - Vivvo Template Engine

Vivvo Template Engine is a light-weight yet powerful template engine written in PHP and completely PREG based. The system is currently v0.9, beta release.It consists of only one highly-optimized object-oriented class, using basic, widely used tags like {if}, {foreach}, {literal}, {include}, {variable}. Its power comes from full support for objects, method calls, arrays and recursive templates.Example usage: Basic template (index.tpl) using recursive inclusion of list.tpl template.Index.tpl:-----

Mukhtiar - Another PHP 5.3.x based framework.It&#39;s light weight easy to use and fast by default

Still cooking to provide tremendous features... 1. Support for MONGO DB,Cassandra (NoSQL), 2. Separate client side js feamework so that less js and run by default fast, 3. Support for Varnish & akami, 4. Support for Gearman, 5. Support global object caching, 6. Nice debugging using x-debug, 7. Support Query logger, 8. Audit manager lib, 9. APC & HTML caching support, 10. Inbuilt support for pear packages(phploc,phpmd,phpcs), 11. Nice support for unit testing 12. Support ADO layer,phing,propel in

Querytemplates - DOM and CSS driven template engine

QueryTemplatesDOM and CSS driven template engine PHP based templating engine converting pure markup sources (HTML, XML, XHTML) into native ("compiled") PHP and JavaScript template files, while source files remains untouched. Library uses popular web 2.0 pattern load-traverse-modify thou jQuery-like chainable API (using phpQuery) and provides several rapid data injection methods. DownloadQueryTemplates 1.0 Beta4 for PHP QueryTemplates Light 1.0 Beta 2 for JavaScript (live demo) NewsQuertyTemplate