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Related Projects

Elija - Agile story tracker

A simple, intuitive open source bug/story tracker and planning tool written in a dynamic language geared towards the alternative lifestyle (agile xp development)

Pymxit - Python Implementation of the MXit Protocol

This project not maintained, and probably not working anymore. PyMXit is a Python library implementing the basic functionality of the MXit protocol. This library is intented to be used in messaging clients that want to support the MXit protocol. The API is currently unstable. Use for testing purposes only. This project is a library intended for developers. If want to run MXit, use Pidgin (it ships with a MXit plugin). We are not affiliated with or endorsed by MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd.

Telepathy-mixer - Telepathy connection manager for the MXit protocol

Telepathy-Mixer is a Telepathy connection manager for the MXit protocol. This allows users to connect to the MXit service using clients like Empathy on Linux. As Telepathy is written for Linux, we do not current support Windows. A Pidgin plugin for MXit exists for both Linux and Windows, see Pidgin-MXit. For support, please use the telepathy-mixer Google Group. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by MXit Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd. Version 0.2.1Version 0.2.1 is the latest version, and can be downloa

Those Funny Funguloids!

Never before has collecting mushrooms been this mildly entertaining. At least not in outer space. It's more of a lifestyle than a game, really. Now with graphics and sound, too!

Yahoo-lifetype-api - A Ruby API for Yahoo LifeType.

IntroductionThis API is for API details: Example (Traditional Chinese)#!/usr/bin/env rubyAPPID = "NhYX9XjV34FPxdq7zD8T7wwc4QGI5VWu_48NHh03zbPYUfPpcWrpZzhcVDKFQsH9dQ--"require 'lifetype'require 'rexml/document'include REXMLputs "��生活+類別中... 請�後"doc = "��類別��"puts "類別總數: " + doc.get_elements("//rsp/ClassList")[0].attribute("co

Shopveda - Veda store of apparels+handicrafts+lifestyle products

Welcome to VEDAStore is a fusion of clothing & lifestyle products that reflect India & inspires desi pride!

Windows 8 App Design Reference Template: Lifestyle Light

The Lifestyle Light Template is an emulation of a Movie surfing and booking app with placeholders for different Categories.