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Bit-eclipse - Public project repository of Denzel Morris

Bit EclipseThis is my public repository for any new projects, code demonstrations, tools, or just for plain studying. This repository is heavily connected to the content discussed on my blog Bit Eclipse: Reflections of a Generalist on Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Business, and Life. Newest HappeningsXCMouse (WIP): 2012-01-05 - XCMouse takes an XBox 360 controller and converts it into a usable mouse on any compatible Windows PC. Move, click, drag, and double-click anywhere you please wit

Biosim - Biological Simulation Suite

BioSim is a fully featured Biological Simulation Suite. Functioning as both a research tool and entertainment software, BioSim simulates custom built organism in a randomly generated, user-customized world. In addition to being able to study evolution, various biological effects can also be studied, such as destruction of habitat, unbalancing of the food chain, species adaptation/learning, and climate change. Written in Java, this project is being developed by Whipstaff Productions, led by Jim B

Shindig-dnd - Provides drag-and-drop functionality to Shindig

OverviewInfrastructure that builds upon Shindig's gadgets.js file to provide drag-and-drop functionality similar to something like iGoogle. Dojo is used extensively to simplify tasks such as manipulating classes, style, querying via CSS selectors, and for a very lightweight drag-and-drop abstraction. These patterns could be ported to another JS toolkit or rewritten in "raw" JS if you want to handle all of the browser quirks "manually". Fairly extensive comments are included inline. This has been

Liquid-cdteam - Community Dev Team

CDTeam FroYoMetal V2.75 from Metal dumpBuilt on the Metal dump from paugustineHi everyone! Since the Acer Liquid Metal dump have been released by paugustine (A BIG BIG THANK TO YOU XD) CDTeam made a Metal-based ROM in a very short time. Here the most important features : # Dolby Mobile (still working on it) # New camera app,with better photo & video quality # Breeze Launcher still the same,but faster than the leak's one # Updated apps # Improved speed even with Acer UI # Rooted and Busyboxed # D

Dw8-itt - Dreamweaver 8

Nội dung làm việc hôm nay Xem chi tiết Lab06 Download SoftwareSothink AIO Download VideoVideo 1: Video 2: Video 3: Tham khảoXu hướng thiết kế web năm 2009 Nhạc theo yêu cầuI Live My Life For You Russian roulette Marching Season - Yanni "Live at the Acropolis" Stairway to Heaven

manet - Website screenshot service powered by Node.js, SlimerJS and PhantomJS

> There is only one true thing: instantly paint what you see. When you've got it, you've got it. When you haven't, you begin again. All the rest is humbug.<img align="right" style="margin-left: 15px" width="300" height="360" title="Self-Portrait with Palette, 1879" src="misc/manet.jpg">**Manet** is a REST API server which allows capturing screenshots of websites using various parameters. It is a good way to make sure that your websites are responsive or to make thumbnails.**Manet** could use dif

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