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Licq is an ICQ/AIM clone written fully in C++. It uses an extensive plugin system to manage many different functions including the MSN protocol. The main GUI is written using the Qt widget set.



Related Projects


licq-osd is a licq plugin which provides an On Screen Display on new messages. Whenever a message arrives it is displayed on screen as an OSD message for a few seconds. Development is done at the main licq svn repository.


This is a plugin for licq. It requires the current cvs copy of licq, as it is still in developement. The significant difference between this and any other icq client/clone is that the messaging style is similar to AOL IM. It's unique, check it out!

GTK-2 gui for Licq

icqnd is a GTK-2 GUI for the popular ICQ program Licq. It's written in C++ and uses GTK/GLib. It features a clean, intuitive interface, the GTK-2 lookamp;feel and all the licq IM backend supports (messages, chat, file transfers, history, search, ...)

Elizatalk for LICQ Autoreply 1.0+

This is an Artificial Intelligent response program using Eliza designed to use with the Autoreply 1.0 or higher plugin for LICQ. Let people think they are actually talking to you.


WMBiff is a dock applet for WindowMaker which can monitor up to 5 mailboxes. It can read POP3, APOP, IMAP/IMAPS, mbox and maildir mailboxes as well as licq history files. It can also perform actions on the mailboxes upon mouse clicks or new mail arrival.

Sim-im - Simple Instant Messenger

sim-im is a simple and powerful multi-protocol instant messenger developed at Based on the Qt library it works on X11 (optional with KDE-support), MS Windows and MacOS X. Some of the features: Supported protocols: ICQ, Jabber, MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, Livejournal; Receiving and sending SMS; Server-side contact list; Receiving and the sending messages in RTF-format; Phone directory support; File transfers; Chat; Support Miranda icon themes; Spam filter; Secure direct connection with S

licq-gtk - GTK+ interface plugin for licq

GTK+ interface plugin for licq

klicq - Klicq - patched licq for KDE

Klicq - patched licq for KDE