license Manager

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Manage enterprise licenses across company. Track Informix, Oracle, etc, monitor expiration dates, usage compliance, costs. Automated monitoring of license volume on each server, show when approaching out of compliance.



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License-manager - Manage license distribution for clients

Manage a pool of clients, who orders license software.

Network-license-manager - Network License Manager

In this Simple License Manager there is a client and a server and the client is requesting for a license for a software he needs to use and if the server has the license for the same and if it is valid then it grants the license to the client.

Autoapplic - Automatic Application Licensing for the Android Platform

A solution for piracy on the Android market. This library allows developers to control the behavior of their applications when they have not been purchased from Android market. There are a number of configuration options: IGNORE - No visual cues given to users, but callbacks are still performed to your code INVITE - User will be invited to purchase the app after a configurable number of validation failures. NAG - Show the invite screen for some configurable number of seconds, but then let the us

LicenseManager - Simple C++ based license manager

Simple C++ based license manager


C# library to create and validate licenses based on features with a hierarchical structure for easy management.


Symfony2 app that helped Doctrine Project switch license (code-dump, no maintenance)