libXosd and xmms plugin

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XOSD displays text on your screen, sounds simple right? The difference is it is unmanaged and shaped, so it appears transparent. This gives the effect of an On Screen Display, like your TV/VCR etc. Comes with an XMMS plugin.



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Getkey - Display the keystrokes on the screen

This is a program that displays the key that is currently pressed on your keyboard. This program will run on the background without interfering with your other keyboard activity. So the keys pressed will be sent to the program but at the same time displayed on the screen. It can be used in screencasts to show keyboard shortcuts on the screen. This package requires Xosd devel packages and Xtst devel packages. Requirements: libxosd-devel libxosd2 libxtst-dev

lisposd - libxosd bindings for guile

libxosd bindings for guile


A daemon for displaying simple notifications and stuff like time, uptime and battery status using libxosd.


An outdated Ruby binding to the libxosd library -- here for posterity unless I decide to update it. NOTE: Written in 2004. Seriously out of date.