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This Library is an implementation of the Microsoft .x file format.



Related Projects

AsmLibx - small, fast x window library

AsmLibx is a text window library for X windows. It talks directly to x server and does not use xlib. It is written in assembler for x86 processors and uses a simple interface. The goal of AsmLibx is to be fast, small, and easy to use.

bmpanel2 - NETWM compliant panel for X

bmpanel2 projectNice NETWM-compatible panel for X11. Features: Look'n'feel customization via themes (see ThemeGallery). A bunch of widgets: desktop switcher, taskbar, launchbar, systray, clock, decor, empty. Pseudo-transparency support. Written in C with speed and clarity in mind. Small number of dependencies, briefly: glib2, cairo, pango, libX11. Small memory footprint (about 2-4 megabytes). Small executable (80 kilobytes at the moment). where is what I'm looking for?If you're looking for somet

Tivostream - Streaming Video HME server for Tivos

OBSOLETENote, this application now has been obsoleted by a new and improved Streaming Video HME server which has all tivostream features and much more: this point no further updates to tivostream are planned.INTRODUCTIONA Java HME streaming video server for Tivos which lets you stream video (mpeg2/h.264 mpeg4) to your series 3 Tivos from your computer(s). Unlike Tivo To Come Back (TTCB) a copy of the source video is not made on your Tivo. Some advantages ove

Media-install - Make Your Live Easier with media-install

media-install is a one install (all media applications) solution. media-install Installs all these Programms unantended or customized FFmpeg libfaac libfaad libtheora libx264 vorbis-tools gpac xvid lame flvtool2 Missing a Programm then let me it know.. <<<<- Left is my email-address at Members:

Fakemouse - keyboard-driven application to move the X pointer and simulate mouse clicks from a local

This is a small keyboard-driven application that moves the X pointer and simulates mouse clicks from a local or remote terminal. It works also via ssh. $ svn checkout fakemouse$ sudo apt-get install libx11-dev libncurses5-dev # ..or install these packages in another way$ cd fakemouse$ make$ ./fakemousethen try to use keys 'a', 's', 'd', 'w', 'space' for click and 'q' to quit. '+' and '-' change the step-size of the movement.

Pymatpowa - Risk Game in OpenGL and C++

Risk Game in OpenGL and C++, but with simplified rules. Tested under Linux (Ubuntu 7.10). Works better with Hardware Acceleration ! You will need principaly : libstdc++ libSDL libGL libGLU libglut libX11 libpthread Known issue: Some display bugs when using the vesa driver under Linux.

Nautilus-utils - Contains few handy multimedia utilities for nautilus

This project contains few utilities to make daily life easier with nautilus. This suite consists of an iso virtual cd/dvd file mounter, video converter that converts any video to mobile-playable format and a context menu that plays midi files on the go! All these are easily installable and are fully compatible in any gnome 2.x environment Requirements: Gnome Desktop Fuseiso and its dependencies ffmpeg with h263, h263p, h264 and libx264 support timidity

Libx-postech - LibX : POSTECH Library toolbar for IE

LibX는 버지니아� �서관과 컴퓨터공학과가 공�으로 �서관툴바를 제작할 수 있�� 지�하는 프로�트�다. �를 통해서 �스� �서관 �용�들� 사용할 수 있는 �서관툴바를 제공한다.