Libswf v0.1

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Libswf is a library for generating Macromedia Flash .swf files from scratch. It aims to be a framework to program CGIs to create really dynamic flash pages. It contains basics datatype handling plus a few TAG encoding methods. It is the first release.



Related Projects

Swflink - a tool to merge (aka staticly link) swf libraries/components into main swf.

Usageswflink -V # get versionswflink [-v] [-o output.swf] main.swf lib1.swf [... libN.swf] # link lib* into main then write to outputLimitationsCurrently only tested with mtasc generated swfs, and all lib.swf contains code only. No ABC (AS3) support yet, I think one can use swc easily with Flex SDK. Please report as new issue if you find any bug there. Buildcheckout SWFTools and compile core part of it. cvs -z3 checkout swftoolscd swftools./c

Swift-tool - A tool for packaging images, fonts, sounds, binary data to swf or swc library

Swift is a tool for packaging images, fonts, sounds, binary data to swf as runtime shared library or swc as precompiled library. You can load and access these resources at runtime, such as RSL(runtime shared library). Swfit is a free software written by Java, so the Java runtime is required. Swift has two ways to use. The first is xml2lib, you can use it to compile resources specified in a xml. The other is dir2lib, you can use it to compile resources in a specified directory. Swfitå�¯ä»¥å¸®åŠ©ä


libswf is a c library used to handle the swf file format


C++ implementation of SWF