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Libsigc++ is a callback system for widget libraries, abstract interfaces, and general programming in C++. It provides the ablity to connect to a class method, function, or function object, and has an ease of use unmatched by other C++ callback libraries.



Related Projects

libSigC++ Extras

libSigC++ Extras is a library consisting of new features built on top of libSigC++ and features that formerly were in libSigC++ and were removed from it. This library was fomerly part of the Yehia project (


IrcSocket is an C++ implementation of the IRC protocol (RFC 2812). It uses an event-driven design using libsigc++

LibKSD - The C++ Game Framework

A C++ game framework based on SDL and libSigC++. It provides 2D graphics, an audio subsystem, integration with OpenGL, a plugin system, and a widget-set.

Libyenc - yenc endcoder/decoder library

Library for encoding/decoding (multipart) files according to the yenc 1.2 specifications. Specifically aims to be portable, and facilitates developers of applications using yenc by utilizing the boost and libsigc++ libraries.

Kpar2kde4 - Kpar2 for KDE4

Port of the Kpar2 frontend for libpar2 on KDE4. It depends (rather obviously) on libpar2 and sigc++ to be installed. You must install the developers packages on most distributions in order to be able to compile KPar2. They are called libpar2-dev and sigc++2.0-dev on Debian, and libpar2-devel and libsigc++2-devel on Suse I've plan to add a feature to auto-extract file (with most commun format file) after the check/repair project.

Indicator-monitor - Monitors process activities, and list those heavy cpu, memory or disk consumers

System Load IndicatorSystem load indicator can monitor system's CPU usage, memory usage and disk activities. If a process uses too much CPU or memory, or doing heavy disk reading/writings, this application will find it out and list it in the indicator applet menu. It will use some weather icons as its indicator icon. If no process is chunking the system, it will display a clear-moon-night icon, when some process is slowing down the system, icons of cloudy, shower, heavy-shower will appear accord

Rtoolkit - Open source, cross platform object oriented distributed simulation framework for rapid HL

RToolkitThe RToolkit is an open source, cross platform object oriented distributed simulation framework for rapid HLA federate development. The framework provides an infrastructure between low level RTI API and simulation code to simplify RTI integration, to improve extensibility of federates and insulation of federates against different HLA versions. It supports both DoD 1.3 and IEEE 1516 HLA standards with a unified and simplified API and enables developers to implement federates compatible wi

libsigc-- - The Typesafe Signal Framework for C++

The Typesafe Signal Framework for C++

libsigc--20 - Typesafe signal framework for C++

Typesafe signal framework for C++