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A general-purpose library that generates three-dimensional coherent noise. Useful for terrain generation and procedural texture generation. Uses a broad number of techniques (Perlin noise, ridged multifractal, etc.) and combinations of those techniques.



Related Projects


Luminoise is an OpenCL accelerated coherent noise library for .NET. It uses Luminal for access to OpenCL (hence, "Luminoise"), and is modeled after LibNoise.

Noiselib - procedural noise generators for python

noiselib provides noise generators and manipulators. noiselib is modeled after libnoise, the C++ coherent noise library. noise generators are wrapped in 'modules' that manipulate, modify, filter, and combine noise generators. Each module expects and returns noise; thus modules can be stacked to create complex noise output.


ProTex is a procedural texture tool, designed for ease of use and rapid prototyping. ProTex is based on FxGen and Libnoise

Mingwer - MinGWer is a MinGW distribution

This is less of a "source-code-project" but more a meta-project, or in other words, a distro of MinGW which includes the following, as of the initial release: GCC 4.5.0 (from upstream at OpenMP 3.0 patched OpenMP-dll (doesn't crash on nested threads, thanks to Boost 1.43.0 (custom-compiled with GCC 4.5 -> "bjam toolset=gcc variant=release --layout=system runtime-link=shared --link=static stage|install") SDL 1.2.14 (lib from ming

LibNoise for .NET

A C# port of libnoise (, a general-purpose library that generates three-dimensional coherent noise.

Sample Image Generator

Sample Image Generator makes it easy to generate a collection of arbitrary images to use as test data. It creates attractive abstract images of various sizes. It's developed in C#, and uses the LibNoise for .NET library, and the Oxygen Icon Library.

Cgdk - Claesson's Game Development Kit

CGDK @ Ohloh Dev Journal @ Ohloh FeaturesAutomatic Memory Management and Garbage Collection Solid and featurerich core library Easy read debug/error information Profiler toolkit for both your own and engine core code Fast Vector (math). About 5 times faster than std::vector for numbers (simple things like adding and changing values, resizing and Vector construction) Easy to set up your own classes for garbage collection and dynamic memory. Future FeaturesOpenGL with support for many filetypes fo

Space-taxi - University project

“Solar Fare� was our team project as part of the MSc Computer Game Engineering course at Newcastle University. Our team of four had approximately two months to bring to life the specs that were given to us: “Crazy Taxi in space�. The specification lead us to create a solar system inside which the player would fly in two dimensions with his spaceship, collecting passengers, dropping them off to their destination, while avoiding (or even better… destroying!) enemy spaceships trying to st

libnoisejs - commonjs port of libnoise

commonjs port of libnoise