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libmtp is a LGPL library implementation of the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), a superset of the Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP).



Related Projects

Gnomad2 - a NOMAD / MTP Device Manager

Gnomad 2 is a GUI built on top of GTK/GNOME 2, libid3tag, libnjb and libmtp that makes it possible to transfer tracks and files from/to a Creative Nomad Jukebox (all brands) and MTP devices. It is designed much like an ordinary graphical FTP program.

Kazen - A KDE GUI app to work with the libmtp library.

Basically just trying to make a simple gui that lets you transfer and edit files on an mtp devices on KDE.

Pyzencoder - A python/gtk/clutter app for sending videos to Creative Zen Media Players

A python/gtk/clutter app aimed at Linux for sending videos to Creative Zen Media Players. Very simply encodes them, then copies them to your creative device (using libmtp). Works on Linux only at the moment, but would be easy enough to get working on Windows if you can do a bit of a python. Doing a basic UI in gtk, then going to put something more fancy over the top with clutter after.

MTP Playlist Editor

MTP Playlist Editor (PlayEdit) is a gtk gui based on libmtp for creating and editing playlists on an MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) device. PlayEdit is designed primarily for the Sansa View, but may work for other MTP devices supported by libmtp.

Jusbpmp - Java library for USB portable devices

Java library for USB portable devicesDescriptionJusbpmp is a Java library that allows to communicate with portable USB players (supporting MSC or MTP) on Linux or Windows. It offers features like sending and reading files to / from the USB device, device folder management, MTP metadata management. Quick Install and Use(1) copy jar file to your application lib directory (2) copy native library files to your application running directory or in the java.library.path v0.1.4 Release NotesFixes few bu

Czenscrob - C ZEN, C ZEN Scrob, Scrob ZEN Scrob

This is a submittal tool for's audioscrobbler for libmtp devices.

libmtp-zune - Adding Zune support to libmtp.

Adding Zune support to libmtp.

libmtp - Copy of the libmtp git repository

Copy of the libmtp git repository

hsmtp - Haskell bindings to libmtp

Haskell bindings to libmtp