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libmpeg2 - a free MPEG-2 video stream decoder



Related Projects


KDVD is a kde-/qt- and libmpeg2-libary based the moment the application just plays vob-files and there is no decss support.

Vcdc - A VideoCD and MPEG stream player for Sega Dreamcast

VC/DC is a (S)VCD and MPEG audio and video player for the Sega Dreamcast based on mpeg2dec/libmpeg2, mpglib, vcdimager, and several other open source projects. See the included documentation or Wiki for full credits. It is built using free tools and requires no official development tools from Sega to compile or use.

Tsfriend - TS parse edit play tool.

TS parse edit play tool. please refer to linux version:

Meritous-wii - Meritous ported to the wii

Meritous 1.2 Wii port Release2 by suloku30-june-2009 Changelog:R2: -Solved the problem with accessing the help file. The code wasn't parsing the newline character '\\r'. -Added wii controls to help file (helpfile_wii.txt when building for wii). -Changed the message given when starting a new game for the wii build. R1: -initial release Original Meritous: MERITOUS v 1.2 for Windows 98/2K/XP/other operating systems by Lancer-X/ASCEAI Controls:USB Keyboard: Arrow keys

libmpeg2 - MPEG-2 Decoder

MPEG-2 Decoder

libmpeg2 - MPEG-2 Decoder

MPEG-2 Decoder

libmpeg2-winrt - MPEG-2 decoder for Windows 8 apps

MPEG-2 decoder for Windows 8 apps