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libit provides easy to use yet efficient tools for C for signal processing, coding, or scientific code in general. It includes basic vector, matrix and function types, some common source and channel coding tools such as quantization, entropy coding, etc.



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Angelegg - Using YYGF make a 3d act+slg game

Now YYGF(yiyin game framework) just a planning game lib,it will be wrote by d program language.YYGF is not a part of this game. This game is like <Bokujou Monogatari> + <shin sagou mosou>.And it's a open resource game,that means graphs,music,effectsound, and ect is under GPL license but YYGF not. Sorry for my poor englsh. Whichever is the documentation for Chinese, English documentation for reference purposes only.If you have some good ideas, please post at wiki by Chinese. �������