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Libinklevel is a library to check the ink level of ink jet printers connected via USB or parallel port. Canon BJNP network printers are supported too. It works on Linux and (Open)Solaris.



Related Projects

Mso - Queries ink levels of libinklevel supported printers.

DescriptionSet of Java (JNI) libraries and applications to query inklevels of various printers supported by libinklevel. ComponentsJInkLevel: JNI binding for libinklevel javadoc LibMso: JNI library to detect printers attached to the system.javadoc GMSO 2: Java-Gnome application to query inklevels of supported printers.


Ink is a command line tool which displays the ink level of your printer. It makes use of libinklevel.

KInk, a KDE printer ink level monitor

KInk is a KDE frontend for libinklevel, to monitor the ink level of printers connected to your PC

Qink - QInk ink level monitor

QInk is a simple printer ink level monitor based on libinklevel. Moved to LaunchpadNew development for QInk will occur on the new Launchpad project page. Please proceed to QInk on Launchpad. This site will remain to host wiki pages, if needed.

libinklevel - Library for checking ink level of a printer

Library for checking ink level of a printer