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A library implementing a small, fast http server



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Libhttpd-vs - An adaptation of LibHTTPD embedded server library for better compatibility with Visual

LibHTTPD-VC is a modification of libhttpd 1.4 from Hughes Technology. This project will create a static library (.lib) suitable for use with Microsoft Visual Studio. The solution file is created using VS2008 SP1. This library depends on Ws2_32.lib (Microsoft Winsock 2). If you want to link to this library, do not forget to link to Ws2_32.lib. See testserver project for example. LibHTTPD is licensed under GPL. Therefore, LibHTTPD-VC is licensed under GPL too. If you want to use LibHTTPD in your c


A small Java HTTP Library. (requires java 1.4+) This library can be used to make your application web browser enabled. Add dynamic java handler classes with ease. Perfect for adding an web interface to a background server application.


Lightweight C Http Daemon Library

libhttpd - Hughes embedded webserver static library

Hughes embedded webserver static library