libhdate, hcal and hdate

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libhdate is a C library for Hebrew calendar information, including dates, holidays, and times of day. The package includes: hcal and hdate, command line programs for the Hebrew calendar, dates and times of day information. Also included are library bindings to other programming languages (C++, pascal, python, perl, ruby, php). The api is also of general use for calculating solar times anywhere on Earth for any astronomical date (julian day number).



Related Projects

Libhdate-glib - LibHdate vala bindings

LibHdate Vala bindings. Gobject bindings for LibHdate. LibHdate is a small C,C++ library for Hebrew calendar, dates, holidays, and reading sequence (parasha).

Maluach - Hebrew calendar for cellphones written with J2ME

This is an open source project for the Jewish people and it's written in Hebrew. It can show you sunrise and sunset times, convert between Hebrew dates and Gregorian dates, show you the holidays. In the future, it will be able to manage birthdays, and show you the day's prayers. The project is based on code from libhdate and NOAA Improved Sunrise/Sunset Calculation.

Luach - Jewish calendar

Luach הו� (עוד) לוח שנה עברי ע� זמני היו� ההלכתיי�. חישובי הת�ריכי� מתבססי� על ספרית libhdate, וחישובי הזמני� על Kosher Java's Zmanim API. התוכנה נועדה להדמות לתוכנת החלונות הידועה "קלוח", �ך הינה קוד פתוח, ורצה ג� על לינוקס. התוכנה נכתבה על ידי משה וגנר ( , ומופצת תחת רשיון ה GPL גירס� 2

libhdate - libhdate fork

libhdate fork