GPIB class library

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LibGPIB is a library of C++ classes which can be used to program various GPIB controllers and instruments including GPIB-ENET, GPIB-232-CT-A, and the NI488-GPIB cards.



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Ni-gpib-matlab-wrappers - National Instruments GPIB Matlab Wrappers

National Instruments GPIB Matlab WrappersUpdate Oct. 2009I am releasing version 0.5 of the wrappers. This is a pretty substantial update and will not be compatible with older versions of the wrappers. I hate to break compatibility, but I didn't really have a choice considering the upgrades I wanted to make. The new version implements a new instrument superclass called @instr. The subclasses of @instr are the @gpibio wrappers as well as a new TCP/IP wrapper @tcpip. Hopefully others will find the