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(Deprecated) library to provide access to Gmail via Python. We strongly encourage you to use Gmail's new IMAP interface and Python's imaplib instead.



Related Projects

Gmup - Gmail Uploader

Simple gmail uploader based on libgmail. Mostly experimental.

G-plus - Gmail plus

Gmail plus is a rich version to gmail. It has a outlook express style interface and is made using the Google Web Toolkit and libgmailer php library to access gmail.

Gmailsmtptest - A proof_of_concept for forwarding smtp mail via http proxy to gmail

Just a proof of concept.Current libgmail and gmailsmtp proxy daemon lack of a full support of forwarding mails with complex MIME parts. And it rarely works in an access controlled internal network, with only http and https ports enabled.This project is just for personal use, with initial codes from libgmail.pop3|exchange.server.internal --write pipe--> sendmail/msmtp/etc --smtp--> gmail.smtp.test ----> http|https.proxy.server.internal --http/https--> GmailIt would be very appreciated to inform u

Gmgn - GMail Growl Notifier

GMGN IntroductionPython script that checks your Gmail account(s) for new mail. If it finds any, it will notify you with Growl. DependenciesYou will need libgmail and growl python bindings to run the script (links to the right). It is not end-user friendly yet. News2008-10-20I'm currently battling py2app to bundle GMGN into a simple, end-user friendly native mac os x application. The show stopper at the moment i libgmail. The .app is generated properly by py2app but I will get this error when run

libgmailer for PHP

libgmailer for PHP consists of 2 parts: {GMailer (libgmailer)} a PHP class/library for you to access GMail with PHP with ease. {gmail-lite} a plain HTML only interface of GMail, accessible by any browser on Earth.

Gmail Todo

Gmail Todo is another todo application that uses the python libgmail to store all todo's in a todo label on gmail. This way your todo list is simple and always available.

Pygooglecalendar - Python Library to Make Working with Google Calendar API EASY

Update: Google has released its own Calendar/GData Python API: You may prefer to use that one :-( Python library/class for working with Google Calendar API. Sample Usage: import cal a = cal.googCal() a.getAuth('','password') events = a.query('mom's birthday') if events: for event in events: print event['startTime'] print event['title'] print event['content'] Notes: Until we get a working you'll need to install the following

POP3/IMAP server for GMAIL in JAVA

gavamail is a POP3/IMAP server implemented in JAVA for reading your gmail e-mail with your favorite mail client. Currently only POP3 is implemented but I hope to implement IMAP too. Libraries provided by the g4j and libgmail projects are used.

Sookti - A `Thought for the day` application

A pedagogical application written using Pylons, SQLAlchemy, Elixir to act as a tutorial for the pylons framework. Study the code to understand "HOWTO" do x,y,z using Pylons. Concepts implemented in this project: Alternate template usage - ses Mako Use of Elixir declarative mapping. Use of Authkit user authentication module Restrict access to parts of application using Authkit Login/logout screens REST decorators for actions Many instances of SQLAlchemy queries Many to many relations implemented