libglade-- (libglademm)

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libglademm2, for GNOME2, is now part of gnomemm: See libglademm is a C++ wrapper around libglade.



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一个图形界�的Linux调节工具,�供了Linux内核�数的调节,进程,网络连接的显示,和一些用户设置 �赖: gtkmm24 > 2.16 libglademm 编译�赖: gtkmm24-devel > 2.16 gconf2-devel 2010-4-8: 2.0�布:�步添加进程连接显示,添加一些实用的用户设置 2009-6-30: 1.2 �布: 一个�洞修�版本 2009-3-? : inux-helper v 1.1 添加网络连接显示; 安装步骤: su 2) make && make install 截图: v2.x v1.x

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C++ wrapper for libglade

libglademm - C++ wrappers for libglade

C++ wrappers for libglade

libglademm - C++ wrappers for libglade

C++ wrappers for libglade

libglademm24 - C++ wrapper for libglade

C++ wrapper for libglade

crossmingw32-libglademm - C++ wrappers for libglade (cross MinGW32 version)

C++ wrappers for libglade (cross MinGW32 version)