libEtPan! - a mail library

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** THIS PROJECT MOVED TO GITHUB ** libEtPan ! is a mail purpose library. It will be used for low-level mail handling : network protocols (IMAP/NNTP/POP3/SMTP over TCP/IP and SSL/TCP/IP, already implemented), local storage (mbox/MH/maildir), message /



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Mail Framework for C Language

Rupicapra mail

Rupicapra is (going to bee) a console (newt) application for reading email. It is using the libetpan mail engine, so it will support IMPO, POP and may local email connections.

Givemail - Email Marketing Tool

Givemail was originally developed by GlobalSignIn. Written in C++, it targets the Unix/Linux platform. The SMTP core makes use of libetpan, or optionally libesmtp. The givemail command-line utility is a replacement for sendmail, mailx etc... that is able to personalize email for many recipients based on XML input. A server component that relies on MySQL and automates the sending of email campaigns to a large number of recipients is available; it should be considered alpha quality. Version 1.06 w

Autolearn-sa - A tool for pseudo-automatic learning spamassasin

This tool may help you directly SPAM/HAM learning you spamassasin. Dependent: spamassassin, libconfig, libetpan

Ios-static-libraries - Download ready to use or build easily static libraries for OpenSSL, libEtPan,

Tired of trying to find online versions of OpenSSL, libEtPan, zlib, libssh2 or cURL ready to use in your iOS project, or even a working method to build them? Then this project is for you! This project provides a single-step build-script as well as ready to use binaries for iOS devices and simulator of the following libraries: OpenSSL Cyrus SASL libEtPan zlib libssh2 cURL How to build everything yourself: Clone the repository and cd into it Run {iOS_SDK_Version} How to use the binari

Remail-iphone - reMail for iPhone

reMail downloads all your email to your iPhone and searches it instantly. reMail was acquired by Google in February of 2010, and we've decided open source the product: Read the reMail open source announcement for details Here's a a list of products based on reMail open souce code. How to BuildYou will need a Mac to do this. Install the following: The latest version of XCode from - we have tested reMail with XCode 3.1.3 and 3.2.1 git:

libetpan - Portable mail access library

Portable mail access library


A Qt SMTP helper class with SMTP authentication and multiple recipients. This is not a full featured library, it's useful for when you need the ability to send emails without requiring a full featured library like libEtPan.