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libdmtx is a software library that enables programs to read and write Data Matrix (or quot;DataMatrixquot;) 2D barcodes. It runs on several platforms, and can be accessed by multiple languages. The package provides fully featured command line utilities.



Related Projects

Data Matrix Pallet Scanning Library

Scanlib is a software library and standalone application that scans and decodes libdmtx compatible test-tubes. It is currently designed to decode 12x8 pallets that use 2D data-matrix laser etched test-tubes. Java bindings are incorporated via swig.

Cheapid - CheapID is a digital identity standard designed for use in conflicted environments like th

The CheapID system combines three core technologies: Public Key CryptographySecures each CheapID Identity Card against forgery and improper use. 2D Bar CodesCarry the digital data of the CheapID card in a form that can be printed on a standard printer, and read with a computer or, soon, a camera phone. BiometricsSecurely identify a person even when all other evidence of their identity is lost in the chaos of a war or a natural disaster.

libdmtx - libdmtx Library

libdmtx Library

dmtx-utils - libdmtx Utilities

libdmtx Utilities

ruby-dmtx - Libdmtx wrapper gem for ruby

Libdmtx wrapper gem for ruby

libdmtx - libdmtx (forked from

libdmtx (forked from

dmtx-oob - Test OOB support to Bluez via libdmtx

Test OOB support to Bluez via libdmtx