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CLAW is a C++ Library providing various tools in different domains, like a Tweener framework, Beacute;zier curves manipulation, a map with multiple value types, a binary search tree container implemented as an AVL and an implementation of the sockets as std::stream. The library also includes a set of classes to easily load and write png, jpeg, gif files and other image formats. Finally, a part of the library is devoted to artificial intelligence in games and includes a generic alpha-beta algorithm. Each module is provided with an example program.



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Tweener (caurina.transitions.Tweener) is a Class used to create tweenings and other transitions via ActionScript code for projects built on the Flash platform. Three different official versions of Tweener are available for download: ActionScript 2.0, for Flash 7+ and Flash Lite 2.0+ ActionScript 2.0, for Flash 8+ ActionSctipt 3.0, for Flash 9+ Tweener was maintained from june 2005 to june 2009. While it still works, it's not being maintained anymore, so no more updates will be released. There ar