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Forth kernel shared dll for i586-pc-linux/ELF in assembly, ANS-Forth standard compliant



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Qt4dotnet - Qt bindings for .NET

Bindings for Qt 4 ( for .NET languages. Please feel free to download the latest version, drop me a line, ask questions, report issues or contribute with the project in any way. News:July 14th 2010: New version 4.6.3 uploaded. Oct 21st 2009: New version 4.5.2 uploaded. Compiled with ikvm Jun 25th 2009: New version 4.5.0. Works for .NET 2.0 and Mono 2.4.2 or greater. (Thanks to Zoltan Varga for fixing MONO so ikvm will work without modifications) Changed license to L

Pyjaw - A Python lib for Rejaw's API

PyJawThis is a Python library to use the Rejaw API. Currently the project is a port of the Rejaw team's ruby client with plans to make the library more pythonic and easier to use. 0.1.4Version 0.1.4 has been released and is available at PyPi. There is a sample client available here. View the ChangeLog Installationeasy_install PyJawDevelopmentPyJaw is still very much under active development. 0.2 will bring a much easier interface for creating a Rejaw client with built in threading. To install th

Phpsimpledb - A Pure Php-Based Database

April 17th 2009Given the recent update and how broken this project still is, Im going to move into a different direction. I'll be dropping the filter calls and just allow ordering, indices, and caching results. SQL is not in the mind of a programmer, simpledb aims to simplify the process of creating a small database application. So if your making a small application with about 0-10,000 entries per table, consider simpledb. ===Release Log=== Past Releases 0.6.6 Fixed an issue with deleting a row

Svntask - svn ant task (super simple)

Dropping Subversion like a hot rockAt this point, I've moved to git. My reasons vary, but primarily subversion has just missed the boat in a lot of ways. All future releases of subversion will only be to add features that git already supports. I recently tried to update the svnkit libraries to support svn 1.7 and they now add two (or more, I stopped after the second failure) jar dependencies. Unless someone steps up and wants control of this project, I'm not going to do any more updates to it. S

Deus - a simple tool for complex simulations

DEUS is a general-purpose tool for creating simulations of complex systems. It provides a Java API which allows to implement nodes (i.e. the parts which interact in a complex system, leading to emergent behaviors.. humans, pets, cells, robots, intelligent agents, etc.) events (e.g. node births/deaths, interactions among nodes, interactions with the environment, logs, etc. - briefly, whatever you want!) processes (stochastic or deterministic, they regulate the timeliness of events) Configuration

Ruby-math-3d - Ruby Math Module for 3D Applications

SummaryA math module for 3D game programming and computer graphics. FeaturesSupports frequently-used vector and matrix classesRMtx3 (3x3 matrix) RMtx4 (4x4 matrix) RQuat (Quaternion) RVec3 (3 element vector) RVec4 (4 element vector) Two implementations that are interchangeable with each : Ruby extension library for faster execution. RMath.rb : Ruby implemantation for debugging use. Building RMath.soFor mkmf users$ ruby extconf.rb $ make For Windows users, type commands below via th

Vs-android - Integrated development of Android NDK C/C++ software under Visual Studio

Introduction vs-android is intended to provide a collection of scripts and utilities to support integrated development of Android NDK C/C++ software under Microsoft Visual Studio. Currently vs-android only works under Visual Studio 2010. Earlier versions lack the MSBuild integration with the C/C++ compilation systems. FeaturesCompile and link Android C/C++ projects within Visual Studio. Integrated development, no makefiles. Works as another 'Platform' type. Android settings co-exist within the s

Jqwicket - Wicket / JQuery integration

JQWicket provides a simple, intuitive but powerful bridge between the JQuery Javascript Library and Wicket Framework and gives developer the capability to build jquery-enabled wicket components with only few lines of code. Furthermore it offers a rich component library of "wicketized" jquery plugins implemented as wicket behaviors. For more information see jqwicket behaviors page. News29.12.2011 JQWicket 0.8 released. Download distribution here- Wicket 1.5.3 / JQuery 1.7.1 support - OSGi ready -

Django-clevercss - Use CleverCSS in Django to make your CSS easier to manage!

Today I stumbled upon the CleverCSS project and decided I liked it and wanted to experiment with it. In an effort to find a use for it, I decided to create this project that allows you to use CleverCSS in your Django templates. What Does django-clevercss Do?This project allows you to create CleverCSS stylesheets using the classic Django administration utility. The use of a template tag, get_clever_css, will allow you to use these stylesheets that are stored in your database. The template tag ret

Prioritizer - Prioritizer is a client-server system to manage resource allocation and workflow track

PrioritizerProject Description Project Funding Downloading and Installing Requirements Downloading Creating the Database Schema Other Links and Support Project DescriptionPrioritizer is a client-server system to manage resource allocation and workflow tracking in mass-spectrometry based proteomics labs. It relies on the concept of rank-based priorities assigned to projects and their dynamic state allocation. The tool thus emulates a workflow tracker that can indicate how and in what order availa