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some base class such as xml,string,data,secerity,web,office... etc.. under Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 by c#



Related Projects


A diff implementation class library for .NET 3.5 and 4.0 written in C#.


A .NET audio, sound, and music playback library - a libVLC wrapper. netAudio allows the playback of MPEG files (MP3, etc), WMA, WAV, MP4, OGG, REAL, raw audio, FLAC, FLV, MIDI and SMF, Creative Voice and more. netAudio also provides advanced tag editing functionality via tagLib.

Transfer4dotnet - A .net component for data transfer by means of C/S in C#

This project is a .net class library for data transfer by means of C/S. a. it can send heartbeat data to the other side periodly for alive. b. it provide universal interface of data to send. This lib only run on 32 bits platform.

App-helper - common help with application, use key board, mouse

This is a common lib. with a gui as demo 1.easly configured by scripte 2.possible save info with data file 3.possible save info with mysql game is one of the usage. Wow is a test


Here you can find implementations of many hashing algorithms: for hashtables, cryptographic purpose and checksums. There are interfaces for hashing files, streams, common types of data and to generating HMAC's. Written in C# 4.0, VS2010.

Lib-pdf - C# Library to convert PDF file to an Image

LibPdfThis library converts converts PDF file to an image. Supported image formats are PNG and BMP, but you can easily add more. This library uses poppler-qt4 library with QT frontend. Basically it's managed C++ wrapper over limited subpart of poppler-qt4 functionality. Usage example:using (FileStream file = File.OpenRead(@"..\\path\\to\\pdf\\file.pdf")) // in file{ var bytes = new byte[file.Length]; file.Read(bytes, 0, bytes.Length); using (var pdf = new LibPdf(bytes)) { byte[] pngBytes = pdf.G

Mingwer - MinGWer is a MinGW distribution

This is less of a "source-code-project" but more a meta-project, or in other words, a distro of MinGW which includes the following, as of the initial release: GCC 4.5.0 (from upstream at OpenMP 3.0 patched OpenMP-dll (doesn't crash on nested threads, thanks to Boost 1.43.0 (custom-compiled with GCC 4.5 -> "bjam toolset=gcc variant=release --layout=system runtime-link=shared --link=static stage|install") SDL 1.2.14 (lib from ming

Nativelibs4java - Repository of Java/Scala-wrapped native libraries written in C, C++, ObjectiveC

Native Libraries For JavaNativeLibs4Java is an umbrella that gathers a few interoperability-related sub-projects : JavaCL : OpenCL bindings for Java (with lots of goodies) Quick Links: Demos | FAQ | Downloads | API Docs) ScalaCL : optimizing compiler plugin + GPU-backed collections (OpenCL) for Scala BridJ : modern C / C++ interop. for Java JNAerator : code generator to create BridJ or JNA bindings from C / C++/ ObjectiveC headers MacOS X Frameworks bindings (for Rococoa) Mono/.NET : bindings to

Bwapi-mono-bridge - Allows access to the BWAPI from the mono runtime and allows mono AI implementati

IntroductionUPDATED 28/04/2011 Now supports BWAPI 3.5.4! Write a starcraft AI in .NET!! (C#,, Delphi Prism, etc) Run your bot either in the same process as broodwar via the embedded libraries or as a client via the client libraries. Both have full access to BWAPI and BWTA. Change from embedded bot to client bot just by changing 2 references. DetailThis project allows people to write AIs for Starcraft:Broodwar using the CLR (.Net/Mono) via full integration with the c++ based BWAPI and BWTA

Extdirect4dotnet - Ext.Direct Server-side stack for .net

GoalThis Project aims to provide an easy to use lib which makes the communicate between an Extjs.Direct driven frontend and an .net driven backend as easy as Possible. Ext.DirectExt.Direct is the new data Exchange layer released in Extjs 3.0. More infomation about Extjs.Direct can be found here. more Information soon... Visit this Projects Forum Thread