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A C++ library to load .MAP files as exported by Valve Hammer tool.



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Rsession - Java wrapper to R

Rsession: R sessions wrapping for JavaRsession provides an easy to use java class giving access to remote or local R session. The back-end engine is Rserve 0.6, locally spawned automatically if necessary. Rsession differs from Rserve as it is a higher level API, and it includes server side startup of Rserve. Therefore, it is easier to use in some point of vue, as it provides a multi session R engine (including for Windows, thanks to an ugly turn-around). Another alternative is JRI, but it does n

Dfbnc - DFBNC is an open source IRC Bouncer.

This project is for the JAVA version of DFBnc (Read below for delphi/pascal) HistoryDFBnc was originally an IRC Bouncer written in Delphi. It compiled on Linux (FreePascal) and windows (using both Delphi and FreePascal). DFBNC Was originally licensed under the ZLIB License, unfortunately this version had a number of bugs in it, and is no longer available. NowDue to issues with the code and random other things, the decision was taken to completely rewrite DFBnc (for the 2nd time), and rather than

Odes60port - Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) S60

Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) ported for S60Supported SDKs: S60 5th edition S60 3rd edition FP2 Dependencies: S60 3rd edition FP2 requires Open C/C++ plugins ( Configuration: see inc/port_conf.h. CREATE_SYMBIAN_API if defined creates Symbian API. If not Open C libraries is required. Known issues: In S60 3rd ed FP2 Open C/C++ plugin delivery from Nokia is missing backend.lib and therefore com

Jme-glsl-shaders - GLSL Shaders are made for JMonkey Engine 3.

Shaders for JMonkey Engine. IMPORTANT1: IF YOU WANT TO ADD YOUR JMONKEY SHADERS TO THE REPOSITORY OR BECOME THE PROJECT DEVELOPER, SO JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE HERE: THE LATEST WORKING SHADERS ARE IN THE MERCURIAL REPOSITORY: SCREENSHOT, CLICK HERE!!! 1. LightBlow Shader.The Lightblow shader is an improved Lighting shader for JME. Features: 1 Improved lighting calculations. 2 Improved reflec

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