Linux From Scratch

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LinuxFromScratch describes the process of how you can create your own custom, fully-fledged, full-blown Linux distribution from the ground up. We use nothing but the source code of the software that is used.



Related Projects

uLFS: Your Manageable Linux From Scratch

A set of tools to build your own customed Linux distribution with more managability than raw LFS(Linux From Scratch). Include source package manager, file system backup and realtime mirror apps, and some assistant data structure writen in Python, etc...

django-lfs - An online-shop based on Django

An online-shop based on Django

Lfsprojects - LFS InSim Projects

A collection of individual and/or collaborative programs that interface with the InSim protocol of the Live For Speed (LFS) racing simulator.

Lfsservercontrol - A program to add functionality to a Live For Speed dedicated server.

LFS Server Control is a program to add functionality to a Live For Speed dedicated server. Functions are easily turned off or on both in a configuration file, and while the program is running through buttons on screen.

Beelzebot - An IRC bot for Live for Speed

An IRC bot for Live for Speed building the bridge between LFS and IRC (QuakeNet). Requires a Live for Speed S2 server with enabled InSim. Supported CommandsIn IRCList of IRC Commands For more information about IRC commands in Beelzebot, visit the Commands page. In LFS!irc text - sends a text message to IRC channel Configuration OptionsThis file needs to be saved as "config.php" in the root directory of lfs-irc! <?phpdefine('USERNAME', 'octbot'); // Username of the Bot used for auth and as nickna


A Linux distribution based in developer versions of LFS, BFLS and several addons

Outgauge - LiveForSpeed Outgauge

OUTGAUGE -Speedometer (3x7segment LED Display) -Gear Indicator (7segment LED Display) -Tachometer (8x LED)

Cinux - Cinux, the Greek Linux

Cinux is a Greek Linux distribution. Cinux is a Linux based Operating System currently running a TUI. A GUI is being planned (GNOME) compiled, built and packaged at the moment. Cinux has a "Lite" version, it's only 135MB and is under version 0.1 Alpha. It won't be released to public since the first public alpha version will be 0.3 Alpha Cinux was created and built by Constantine Apostolou and is released under GNU GP Licence Links with Cinux Linux LFS/BLFS/LFScript GNOME