Litte Fighter 2

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Litte Fighter 2



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Swiss File Knife

Multi function command line tool that belongs onto every usb stick.

Petersoft-java-style-2 - Java Swing Look and Feel

Project has been shutdown and rename to Peter-SwingPlease download the latest version here

Synthartist - SynthArtist is an editor for creating skins for the Java Synth Look-and-Feel

SynthArtist helps users create synth skins for Java Swing applications. It is an evolution of SynthBuilder from features: - image insets editor - component tree - immediate preview - export all resources to JARFor future work, please see the issues page for planned enhancements.Source:This code was graciously donated by Frédéric Lavigne of The initial check-in was created from a CVS checkout of

Jbiteo - JBiteo Video Organizator based on vlcj project

IntroductionMultimedia player build in Java based on vlcj libraries and VLC. NewsAdded Nimbus L&F to Multimedia Player Fixed some errors Added vlcj 1.2 lib Added VLC 1.2 Windows lib Added JNLP funcionality (early in web) FeatureBasic Play, pause, stop, foward, rewind controls. Volumen controls Slider Time/Position control Play local files Load custom Subtitles Repeat last subtitle showed Show and control position from list of photograms (increase photograms) Show media info Show list of subtitle

Xd-dict - XD Dictionary

IntroductionXD is a simple and Cross-Platform dictionary software written in Qt4. The file format of XD Dictionnary is opened, so if you held any programming skills, you can make custom dictionnay files. XD folder treeWindows version│ xd.exe│ index-creator.exe│ msvcr80.dll│ msvcp80.dll│ QtCore4.dll│ QtGui4.dll│ Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest│ options.ini│ app.ini│├─doc│ readme.txt│ licence.txt│├─dict│ top.index│ bottom.index│ middle.index│ jp-jp_koujien.dic

Gedit-line-ending-style-plugin - Gedit 2 plugin that allows the line ending style of documents to be

This project has moved!The plugin has been updated for Gedit 3. Please see for more information. Line Ending Style is a plugin for Gedit (version 2.29.5 or later) that allows the line ending style of documents to be quickly ascertained and changed. It was originally based off of the Newline Madness plugin by Jeffery To, but has since diverged quite considerably in implementation. Usage The plugin shows the current line ending style in

Lf-js - Lightning Framework JavaScript Library

Lightning Framework JSWrite dynamic website using ultra thin tiny javascript framework, stop bloating your website with huge size javascript include! Features: Ultra tiny size, all packed in single javascript file with size less than 2 Kb (less than 1 Kb if gunzipped) Built from scratch with size optimization in mind Cross-browser compatible Basic common selector capabilities (by ID / Class Name / Tag Name) Basic show/hide elements $.each() equivalent standard events binding (load,ready,click,et

Gtkjfilechooser - A prettier JFileChooser for Swing's GTK look and feel

Download the latest version (1.4.9) here.I solved the problem contributing to the JDK 7: The java.awt.FileDialog uses now native GTK file chooser on linux distros This project will no longer be maintained by me, but it should still work on some distros. Let me know if you want to become the new maintainer. In the current JDK, the JFileChooser for the GTK look and feel looks still like the old

Iniprojectreza1 - ini_project_reza_1

SKdOAEneFyg= a+JRyt1wKEq2x0rie5rin3HsbcaJ7LhYU9qUmQt/cyNx2eBuiFYdPHKC18zuqP86t6+lKQ8qfiX/ gB7eE9x+ttVEE9vvIi/16QMRQMvM9l/MXwieDPdEUy7wbnj2IjhmpdtIqci984wa4PNgUV7GTPjd YbWg3HvGmtH9ULByhxg0bVjSMa2+MNEEwo3beXVOfh7mTGlr0k1jTfCqIprupa9bSm8OBRQsr0Db 3sQzAS6J3Rw0AboUrTNAiWRFhizDEEwgElcusORnhrS/+MycA2VqrXolMW8YPs87xOT9JwB3HZ1W fjUIZF/7eiXbPQ5/vbCxMT8r2u/raC6Rqs5mSSr+g8uRJMNDRSUgJmIwd2o= vRCYvQIMCOo= a+JRyt1wKEq2x0rie5rin3UvSGOhKi4woWgduZfn2omUgzgWXxonFanUqjEF+aLiWTYj/GhX7l/s T17nEQgs1yCwUqO6zbua82b62K/r