Lexi Java Word Processor

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Lexi is a Java 2 based Word Processor. It currently edits plain text and RTF files, with HTML and Open Document Format support planned. Lexi was originally written by Matthew Schmidt and Brill Pappin.




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Jexieditor - A WYSIWYG editor based on JavaSE

Jexi is a free WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor based on Java & SWT library. It comes from the 'Lexi' example in GoF's 'Design Patterns' which is written by C++. Design goal of Jexi: Jexi is designed to provide a Java example that may be helpful to learn design patterns. Next plan: 1. Rewrite with Java 5 gerneric code. 2. Using Swing to replace SWT UI to get a pure Java implementation. 3. More furtures needed to implement...

As2lexi - An implementation of Lexi in Action script.

Lexi is a case study in GoF Design Patterns.Lexi is an visual text editor (something like microsoft word) design with patterns.This project aim to demostrate how to implement interface (API), abstract classes and sample code in actionscript.


Repository for open source programs accompanying stabu\'s LexiCon standardisation work

Freediscovery - An open-source document review and production database.

TechnologyLanguage C++ GUI Library Qt Database SQLite CapabilitiesView Text Files and Images Link to Native Files Full-Text Searching of Document Content (via FTS4) EDRM XML Import and Export SQL Export Similar ApplicationsOpen-Source LitMan Proprietary AccessData Summation LexisNexis Concordance ContentSample Data ZL Technologies, Inc. EDRM Icons Crystal (LGPL)

Fall-2010 - Projects and homework for classes.

AboutNewsRepository Checking OutClassesData StructureData MiningCloud ComputingDatabase Systems(CS701)Privacy Preserving ComputingCopyright AboutThis is the homework and projects for 2010 fall quarter and then after when I was pursuing my PhD Degree at Wright State University. All the code and materials can be freely referenced. For more details about this project and related technical or theoretical issues, please go to the wiki page. NewsAdded Database principles class. Added distributed compu

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LexisDiagram - simple drawing of Lexis diagrams

simple drawing of Lexis diagrams

lexy - Lexy is an LXC web console.

Lexy is an LXC web console.

lap - Lexi asset pipeline

Lexi asset pipeline