Leviathan Auditor

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The Leviathan Auditor is an enumeration and penetration testing tool which runs on and against Microsoft machines. It dumps Users, Groups, Services, Shares, Transport devices and MAC addresses over port 139 or 445. It enumerates RPC portmapper entries ove




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Levm - An x86/x86-64 bootloader

Levm is the bootloader for the Leviathan operating system. It can also be used for other kernels as well. It aims to be easily extended for multiple types of file systems and executable formats.

Leviathanv - General Purpose 64bit Microkernel Operating System

I have been on a break from working on leviathan, I am now currently working on it LAST UPDATE 7/9/2011 You may notice the repository is now empty. This is only because I am adding 64 bit code soon Leviathan is a new 64 bit operating system that intends to be used widely by the general public. This may seem a huge goal, but I believe it is necessary for a new operating system to be made to fully bring out the power of today's current hardware. One of the operating systems main(coolest) features,

Leviathan - This is web application!

This is web application!