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LETHAL is a Java library for working with finite tree and hedge automata. It provides a great variety of operations and property evaluations. Additionally the library comes with a scriptable graphical user interface to get started quickly.




Related Projects

Dream-cms - DreamCMS is a PHP powered usersystem and CMS

DreamCMS is a PHP powered usersystem and CMS, which is coded by Andrei "Zeus" Mikalov, and Edward "Lethal" Lu. It's mainly using PHP and SQL, and will have several epic features.


Ninja User Interface, the jQuery plugin for lethal interaction.

Eq2emulate - Everquest 2 emulator development

This is a repository created for the EQ2 EMU project originally by LethalEncounter. Our mission is to revive this project.

Arena-card-game - Fantasy card strategy game against computer opponent

MagarenaMagarena is a fantasy card game written in Java and Swing. The name is a contraction of mage and arena. You play a duel against the computer with 40 card generated decks. There are 555 cards available to build the decks. It is possible to check the deck strength before playing. The computer AI is capable and fast. The game fully enforces the rules. It is possible to undo moves. A comprehensive card browser is available. This game should run well on most computers. The minimum screen reso

Bubble Trouble

This is a game where you are trapped in a room with lethal bubbles bouncing around the rooms. You must use your special vine gun to shoot and pop the bubbles!

Skortch-entertainment - Vertical Scrolling Shoot 'em up with multiple layers of combat

Latarlia is a 2D Action Shoot 'em up with RPG elements. Game play consists of single player, and multiplayer race-match. Players choose from 4 Ship types to play as, each with unique statistics, and fight through zounds of enemies, gaining experience and obtaining lethal upgrades. The play area consists of 2 levels (Layers), a top/bottom, where players can alternate.

Eq2emu-server - Everquest II Emulator Project - Server Repository

This repository contains all the server code, plus publicly available tools for the EQ2Emulator Project. The EQ2Emulator project was started in 2005 by LethalEncounter, and as of version 0.6.5 (Jan 2010), the project was taken over by John Adams (me) and the rest of the EQ2Emu crew so LE could enjoy some of his personal life ;) I decided to move the project off private servers to this public SVN in an effort to preserve the code for others to continue this effort. -JA

Vitef - collection of pieces of code

Vitef is a collection (can't be a set) of pieces of code presenting non-lethal interests. Parts of Vitef have been vitef coded. C++vroum: how about trying not to crash your shitty car? Coqfouine: how about trying to steal the first rank on Anarchy proofs? Javascriptxjumps: shitty xjump-like in javascript and canvas html5 tag proof of concept kind of like that Ocamlgentext: generates shitty French sentences lifegame : asynchronous lifegame sirtet: shit from JM Pythontictactoe5 : really poor imple

Eyestabs - Eye stabs entry for pyweek 7

Team 'Eye stabs' entry for pyweek 7. A game in a week. In the dirty underground music scene often referred to as 'eye stabs', there are lethal gigs in select nightclubs around the world. Musicians play for eyes. A tune is played to the musician, and they must figure out the notes played. Fuck up the tune, and you are stabbed in the eye! Get the tune right, fortune and respect are yours! Better than the riches and the adoration though -- rich club owners can give you spare eyes... and provide doc