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LessTif is a free (LGPL) clone of Motif (also known as OSF/Motif). It is a set of widgets for developing graphical user interfaces. Motif is the most widespread such widget set, supported by most commercial UNIX vendors. LessTif is a free alternative.




Related Projects

LessTif and Motif Extension Library

Xlt, the LessTif/Motif Extension library, is a set of widgets that make programming with the Motif API easier as it adds a set of frequently used tools.

Eiger Labs MPMAN GUI Project

GUI (lesstif) frontend program to provide similar functionality that the windows software provides for the Eiger Labs MPMAN F10 amp; F20 portable MP3 players

Nebula IRC

Nebula: A small and lean IRC client written for motif/lesstif. Small system requirements, speed, portability, security and a clean GUI are its strong points.

lesstif - LessTif - source compatible library with OSF/Motif %{motif_ver}

LessTif - source compatible library with OSF/Motif %{motif_ver}