Leo: a programmer's editor amp; more

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Leo is an outlining-oriented project manager and browser. With Leo you can organize programs, web sites, URL's, pictures or any other kind of data. Leo is fully scriptable in Python. Leo is 100% pure Python. It requires the Qt gui toolkit.




Related Projects

The OpenNLP Leo Project

Leo is a project to provide an architecture for defining XML specifications of grammars for different natural language parsing systems and tools for using that architecture to permit sharing of grammar resources across different systems.

Leofunc - leo directives as python callables

An experimental attempt to simulate functional directives in Leo.

Leoworks-blogs - LeoWorks BlogEngine

BlogEngine based on ASP.NET developed by LeoWorks.

Castle-arm-lcf - a java micro edition game

Java micro edition game created by Leo and Angel

Leo-editor - Leo: a programmer's editor and data manager

Leo is: An outlining editor for programmers. A general data management environment. A project manager and browser. Fully scriptable with Python. Written in 100% pure Python. Open Software, distributed under the Python License. Leo's home page is: http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/front.html This (Google Code) project is dormant. For Leo's code, see https://launchpad.net/leo-editor/

Gtdleo - A GTD tool using Leo

'gtdleo' is a gtd implentation with Leo (Outliner). It is designed to be very versatile, and customizable to the extreme limit. The idea originated with limitation of other GTD tools to adapt to a particular work environment. Leo is a versatile outliner with support of python scripting. Currently (as of Nov, 2007) it is at its infancy. I am not expecting it to come out of that state for atleast next five weeks. The first test usage can be in January. But at the sametime, I am using this for my t

Leoapps - Apps created by Leo

create and collect all the apps I am interested.

Saims - Leo's Photos stocks and inventory management system

For the past 3 months, the owner of Leo's Photos was not able to record the inventory sales of his business. They already had software for stocks and inventory management but when they changed the operating system of their computers, they cannot use the software because of compatibility issues. A web-based application for an inventory management of Leo's Photo Digital Imaging Center will be made. The software will be designed to be suitable for a small business like Leo’s Photo which will main