Lemon - Python Web Modules

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Lemon is a suite of pure Python modules for rapidly developing web applications. Includes: database, webserver, auth amp; session management, form and templating tools, docs and examples. Flexible enough to use on its own or with other solutions like Apache.




Related Projects

Lemonpos - An open source point of sale

Lemon is an open source Point of Sale software targeted for micro, small and medium businesses. Lemon provides a modern themeable and easy to use Interface, a search panel, a price-checker tool, an administration tool for managing your store, printed reports, and much more.

Jlemon - jLemon is a pure Java lexer like LEMON.

jLemon is an LALR(1) parser generator. Lemon is similar to the much more famous programs "YACC", "BISON" and "LEMON". jLemon is a pure Java program and compatible with "LEMON".

Lemonbind - C++ wrapper for Lemon parser

The project aims to help in using the excellent LALR parser named Lemon in the C++ world. At the moment this project is in the proof of concept stage. There are few unit tests demonstrating usage of Tokenizer (flex wrapper) and Parser (lemon wrapper) classes. The Parser.NestedSelect test parses a simple SQL query of nested SELECTs and builds the trivial AST.

Acrobatt-mago - Projet acrobatt 2011 iut robert shuman, groupe lemon tree

Acrobatt project for the group lemon tree, it's a website about sharing comic books with a community, and a mobile software

Lemon2yapp - Translates grammar files from the lemon format to a format understood by the Parse::Yap

Synopsislemon2yapp.pl < input.y > output.yp DescriptionLemon is a parser generator maintained as part of the SQLite project. This perl script takes a lemon grammar file on stdin (input.y) and prints out an equivalent grammar file suitable for use with the Parse::Yapp perl parser generator module (output.yp). This output can be used with the yapp command line tool to produce a perl parser for the grammar. The output is also good for making a skeletal grammar file for use with yacc, as yapp and ya

Coollemon - 通讯资料管�程�


Smooffice - Smooth office web applications

Smooffice will be a set of web applications intended to change the way you create and distribute your personnal documents, to free them. Currently smooffice lemon (a presentation editor) is under active development at the University of Teesside, and release is planned around september 08.

Lmno - An Open Source parser generator

LMNO is: A better Lemon An efficient LALR(1) parser generator Based on a simple context-free grammar specification (left-recursive CFG) Rapidly evolving Features: Embed processing rules inline Output a parser in C or object oriented C++ Many features and attributes for controlling code generation. Designed for ease of use.

Lemon-py - A collection of tools for system administration

This tools are very simple, and they were developed for my personal use, but I believe they might be useful to other people. Tools so far: connector.py